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Anne of Green Gables and the six sequels are books I always come back to every couple of years (I don't count the short story collections as part of the sequence). I think that for the most part, though Lucy's descriptions got laid on rather thick (in a rather ironic parallel to Emily in Emily of New Moon) and she would have benefited from a stronger editor, the minutae of her characters day to day lives and the gentle satire of gentile society render them still interesting today.

Ironically, aside from the classic Anne of Green Gables and the Emily trilogy which saw Lucy look at her society in a much more frank and dark fashion, I have a sneaking suspicion that it is Anne's youngest daughter's story in Rilla of Ingleside, as a devestating look at life on the Canadian Home Front, that holds the most relevence today and perhaps is the one that aside from AOG has truly stood the test of time. It is possibly the one with the most historic value and also the one that most demonstates the shifting place of women in society in this time period.

Imagine my shock upon finding out there is a ninth Anne related book! Entitled The Blythe's are Quoted, the book is a collection of short stories (previously published but edited out extensively), poems attributed to both Anne and her dreamy son Walter who was killed at the Western Front, and vignettes which offer commentary on the poems themselves and the events of the Blythe extended family. The book is divided between the events prior to 1914 and the war itself and it's aftermath, ending in 1936 with the declaration of the Second World War.

I have to say that I always feel a bit depressed upon finishing Rilla of Ingleside. Written only a few years after WW1 ended, Lucy had optimism for a war free future. Little did she know that within her generation, a new war, even worse in many ways than the first one, was about to be declared. Rilla and her family would face war again. Some of the characters would have to fight twice. Apparently, TBAQ is a more cynical look at war, written in 1942 just before Lucy died, and shows her own despair at the horrors of two world wars.

The book is incredibly expensive to buy at the moment so I suppose I will hold off for now, but I think I will enjoy this collection immensely, especially as I have always wondered about Walter's poem The Piper, included in the collection. However, at the same time, Lucy despised free verse and rigidly stuck to rhyming patterning. I wonder if her poetry will suffer because of this? Can one really describe the horrors of war when constrained to rhyming couplets where one is forced to make meaning based on what rhymes rather than what best describes the situation? I hope so.

Has anyone read Lucy M Montgomery and her poetry? What did you think of her?
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I have been rewatching series six of Doctor Who of late and forgot how many amazing quotes there are in this show. So tell me flist- what are your favourite quotes? Any era, new or old, RTD or Moffat etc is welcome.

Some of mine under cut:

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This film is in my top 5 favourite films list. Maybe it's the way that Donnie Darko pre-empts Life on Mars and the question of humanity's self imposed modern dislocation from being "alive", maybe it's the sharp commentary on our society, maybe its the way Donnie acts in ways that remind me of my brother, and I like the honesty of that, maybe it's the astonishing performances from everyone involved (though bonus points to Drew Barrymore and Mary McDonnell), maybe it's the genre mish mash of horror meets sci fi fantasy meets teen angst, maybe it's the beautiful brooding way the film is shot, maybe it's the way the suspense is built up until the stunning ending, maybe it's Mad World all by itself or maybe it is all of these things combined.

One of the things that often comes up with this film, is the Director's Cut versus the cincematic release. Many fans argue that the original release allowed for more ambiguity and that this is of more value than the Cut version as it allows us to make up our own minds about Frank and the events that he precipitated. This is undeniably true. But for me personally, I have always liked the Cut version more. Or at least; it doesn't bother me in the same way others are bothered by it

There are a number of reasons for this.

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What's your opinion of Donnie Darko? Which version do you like better? Why?
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Well. It took me awhile but a second chapter is finally here. I will work on Chapter Two of my Doctor Who crossover tomorrow.

Title: Almost Here
Genre Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks), multi chapter fic, supernatural themed
Spoilers: For all of Harry Potter and Spooks
Characters: Ruth Evershed, Danny, Dumbledore, references to other Spooks
Rating: PG for themes to do with death?
Word Count 1000 words approx
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Harry Potter. This is J.K Rowling's intellectual property. Nor do I own Ruth or anyone else from Spooks. Kudos does. No matter how much I wish they didn't after the nihilistic finale.

Chapter One is here: I'll be waiting for you

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So I am making myself feel better by watching endless clips of old episodes of Spicks and Specks when I found this:


Also, embarassing story. At the end of the live show when everyone joined Adam, Myf and Alan singing Spicks and Specks I felt like a fool coz I never realised the theme at the start of the show was actually a real song. Also, I never realised The Bee Gees were Australian. Whoops.

ps: I am considering seeing the live show again at Wollongong. There are still some December tickets left. I honestly had the time of my life the first time around and tbh the summer has been pretty shit so far. I feel like it might be nice to try to get on stage again ;) For you Myf, baby, I'd dress like I'm in the 80s. shut up flist- yes I know I already take style tips from Alex Drake
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On Tuesday, Mum, my brother and I went and saw the live version finale of Spicks and Specks. After over 200 episodes, 7 series and many laughs at Hamish's expense, Adam, Alan and Myf are saying goodbye around Australia. I cannot lie. My heart may just be a little bit broken by the exit of a comedy music quiz show. But really guys. The ABC had the best Wednesday line up happening. If it wasn't Chris Lilley, it was the Chaser Boys or Margaret and David and The Gruen Transfer/Planet, and always, steady as a rock, Spicks and Specks: my university blues tonic that got me through the week till Saturday night and Doctor Who. It's the end of an era. I've been watching this show since I was about 16. Maybe even earlier.

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My love affair with HBC continues...

Pics under the cut for images of her as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations and Julia in Dark Shadows. Both come out in 2012. I. am. excited.

beauty is always only an illusion Merlin. Didn't you know that? )

Who likes Helena on my flist? Excited for any of her up and coming films? Tell me about them!

ps: Looks like she is confirmed for Madame Thernadier in Les Miserables. YES. SQUEE!!!!!!

Disney Love

Nov. 8th, 2011 09:27 pm
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I finished my take home exam for history today and am now onto my notes for my politics exam next week. Wish me luck!

I was browsing tumblr (as you do) and someone mentioned how one of their favourite Disney movies was Hercules. It had been awhile but I knew I loved it as a child. Anyway after a quick YT search I found this


So flist, what Disney song is your favourite? The one that still fills you with childish delight? Link me in the comments :)

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I am as repetitive as clock work ;)

Title: Almost Here
Genre Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks), multi chapter fic, supernatural themed
Spoilers: For all of Harry Potter and Spooks
Characters: Ruth Evershed, some other guest Spook appearances, Dumbledore
Rating: PG for themes to do with death?
Word Count 1500 words approx
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Harry Potter. This is J.K Rowling's intellectual property. Nor do I own Ruth or anyone else from Spooks. Kudos does. No matter how much I wish they didn't after the nihilistic finale.
Notes So I realise this is a weird fic premise but just try it out ok... I want to make a more hopeful ending than spooks could give me in canon so I decided what better than some wisdom from Dumbledore ;) The quotes quoted from The Deathly Hallows are from p.p. 578-9.

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I am convinced disaster is imminent! The trainwreck is hurtling faster and faster at me! The ridiculous will break the Richter Scale.

I am not going to watch this episode for a week or two. I must phych myself up for it. IF ANYONE SPOILERS ME HERE OR ON FACEBOOK I WILL KILL YOU. OK?

Goodnight my dear flist! Every Spooks fan has been amazing! GOOD LUCK WITH DEALING AND SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!
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I just rewatched 10.5 with my brother (BY THE WAY THIS IS AN AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT SEEINGS AS HE HASN'T WATCHED A FULL EPISODE OF SPOOKS SINCE 8.3: his verdict- "well that was um... pretty good really!") and noticed something about the Gavrik's that I hadn't thought about before:

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Was like eating the chocolate cake from Matilda, drowning in a calorific sea of cream and with a figurative cherry on top... later there will be stomach pains but right now... I REGRET NOTHING.

Series Ten confuzzles me. Either I am exceedingly amused (probably not Kudos intention) by the week's serious buizness or I am bored and grumpy. This week falls into the amusing and good in a 'Ruth/Harry fan ficcer' kind of way (so [livejournal.com profile] zulu_ottawa did you hate this?)

it eez alwayz zee Russians, with a tortoise in the garden )


Besides I already know. Harry is revealed to be Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter and the aurors come after him with fighter planes and broomsticks. Epic duel ensues. Ruth looks worried and then goes on a holiday to Greece. Spin off show comes next in the same vein as SeaChange. Which had a rather epic theme song Seachange Theme


Oct. 13th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Spooks 10.4 was one mega yawn fest.

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So I went and watched episode two of The Slap, which had far more drama packed into its hour run time than Spooks did. Shame. Series 1-4 were so good.
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Can someone please explain this Moffuckery of an episode in simple language please... I spent the entire 45 mins in a sea of WHAAAA???????

ps: In other news, Nicola Walker is a God Damned Goddess. I already knew this. But of late multiple things have proved this to me further.

Spooks 10.3

Oct. 5th, 2011 11:00 am
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I finally watched it :)

some observations in no particular order )

In other news, I have a billion assignments in the next five weeks and I am going to go down to university today to play quidditch with the Harry Potter society.

Also, Closing Time was like WOAH. Review to come after a rewatch.
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I've done it! Read The Hobbit, LOTR and The Silmarillion in a row.

Reviews (ish) under cut link (well these are re-reads):

The Hobbit )

Onwards to LOTR- I also watched all three movies just to be thorough because I'm weird like that also they are amazing movies

may this be a light in the darkness, when all other lights have gone out )

The Silmarillion tells the tale of the First and Second Age and is a rather hard read. I saw it as more of an appendices to LOTR and The Hobbit than a book in its own right.

because thou hast broken the law of the Lord, thou shalt never be King )

But the most powerful part of this story for me was always that of The Hobbit's. To quote Galadrial "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." A good moral. A good moral indeed.

Have you read any of these? Or seen the movies? What did you think?


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