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Gah this sucks guys. My mouth is so swollen and sore from having my wisdom teeth out :( So therefore I will post this and then go watch more TV all day but in the meantime I want to blog for [livejournal.com profile] squint13 on the first two episodes of series three of A2A and blog about Law and Order UK episode "ID" starring Nicola Walker as a guest star for [livejournal.com profile] fragglebo.

Ashes to Ashes spoilers Under cut link.

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I don't watch Law and Order UK generally speaking but I watched episode 4.1 "ID" because Nicola was in it and it was well worth my time to see her guest role (though I think the show itself is pretty mediocre from what I've seen. Certainly no Foyle's War that's for sure.) I don't want to spoil this for those L&O/Nicola fans who haven't seen the episode so I'll have to be vague here.

I liked the morality question throughout this episode. The rights of the individual to privacy and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty versus the rights of people not to be murdered and have their murder go uninvestigated. I loved seeing Martha (I mean Freema) on my screen again and gee she is one beautiful lady, and I liked the older police woman and her acerbic wit. I also liked the guest actor playing the main suspect's lawyer (he was in 9.4 of Spooks as Beth's Chinese asset I believe) and the dodgy political cover up that was underway for most of the episode.

Nicola plays the main suspect's psychiatrist and though she isn't in the episode as much as she is in Spooks or Luther, it was another great performance from her. (By the way you should try watching TV with my Mum. "NICOLA WHAT ARE YOU DOING. NO. AHHH NICOLA WHY? WHY NICOLA? JUST TELL THE POLICE AND STOP BEING A NAUGHTY GIRL. NOOOO NICOLA NOOOOOO). Nicola also gets a pretty decent costume for once which is a pleasant change lol. Her end scenes are the best ones and there's one bit that made my hair stand on end. It's not quite as indescribable a performance as 1.4 of Luther, but it comes pretty close in some places. My heart was a little bit scarred yet again by the compelling honesty of Nicola's performance. Will this woman ever cease to amaze me?


Oct. 9th, 2010 04:51 am
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It's been ages since I've looked up anything to do with my idol Helena Bonham Carter but gosh I just have to share this picture with you.

I imitate Alex Drake but maybe I should channel Helena more. I love this outfit from the BAFTA's! She looks beautiful and I love her qurky additions to the dress.

I hate the way the UK press ridicule her dress sense. I think she always looks lovely. Eccentricity does not equal ugly. I wish the fashion world would realise this.

Anyway, I love this outfit forever and ever and I must wear mini top hats more often. Long may Tim and Helena reign!!!

ps: I love that Julie Walters mentioned HBC in her acceptance speech. Also, have I ever mentioned that I love Julie Walters?


pps: Speaking of Alex Drake all I want for Christmas is Alex's entire wardrobe!

Like this top which is like the most beautiful top in the universe ever:

and this entire outfit but especially the retro tshirt and the red boots.

Also, it should be illegal for someone to be that hot and that skinny. If only I had legs like Keeley's sigh.

Maybe if I write another fan letter to Keeley she'll send me her outfits ;) Cough. But really.

Cos Play

Jul. 10th, 2010 10:02 pm
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Man livejournal and fandom makes me want to cosplay like there's no tomorrow. Expect some camera whoring kiddies- I love me some Alex Drake ;)

*Goes off to look at pictures and get a costume together*

Also, I love dressing up as Alex because I feel sexy as hell dressing like her. That woman has fine taste.

Expect a cross of these piccies...

You guys must be good for me. I have never admitted to my cos playing Alex to anyone before!


ps: Expect lots of photos soon coz I made a promise to another lj user about pics involving dr who series five.
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One assignment down, one left to go.

Under cut link for entertainment thoughts :P

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yeah what can I say other than uni is a bitch?

I want to start off by saying that I am so so SO relieved that Matt Smith is getting rave reviews as The Doctor. The second I heard he was cast I was dancing around the room, singing for joy. Apparently some have said he is the best Doctor since Tom Baker(or has the potential to be) and may even be the greatest! Take that DT fans who wouldnt give this guy a chance. Take that. It's not that I hate David Tennant, it's just that I grew to really hate his whingy whiny man pain cry baby crap by the Donna season and that by the shit that was the end of time part 2 I really just wanted change. Besides, I feel a little smug I must admit. I already was a bit of a Matt Smith fan before he was ever contending to be the next Doctor. I have stated in blogs here before that he is REALLY AMAZING as Jim Tayler in Ruby in the smoke and shadow in the north. I also said that I thought he had huge potential as The Doctor; what whith his roguish Jim charm and fun loving effect. I kinda can't quite believe how excited I am for him to be The Doctor.

I gave the world half way through season five to jump on the MS bandwagon. Looks like it could be even less than that. Oh how fickle we Whovians are.

By the way, the MS episode airs in two weeks here. The clock ticks away in silent agony. or to quote emilie autumn

4 oclock 4 oclock
out of bed I creep
to climb this tower of shame
but the hours still the same
only madness knows my name
at 4 oclock.

Speaking of EA I went to her concert about 2 weeks ago. She was amazing!!! and speaking of Time not moving, I really wish the ABC would give us an air date for Ashes to Ashes already. My family is trying to fill the gap with Spooks. As good as Spooks is, it dosent work. The whole time we say to ourselves Keeley Hawes... tee hee she still sounds like ALEX DRAKE... oh damn... now we're back to A2A speculating again.

I am slowly going crazy one two three four five six switch.

Really. That. is. how. I. feel. about. this. wait.

By the way is anyone else having kittens about how A2A will end without undermining LOM or being gimmicky. I have dialogues in my head like this.

How can they make an ending as groundbreaking, as touching, as bittersweet, as PERFECT as Lom

They are brillant scriptwriters. After all, wasn't A2A going to be epic fail? Besides havn't they had this ending planned since the end of LOM?

Yes, but what if they fuck up and there was that interview where Keeley mentioned they pander to fans. What if they pander in a bad way, in a Dr who end of time way?

But then Keeley also says its a beautiful, bittersweet ending that her husband cried in. Keeley is cool (Lordy how times have changed. To think there was a time when I hated her for the crime of not being John Simm. If I ever met her I'd have to apologise profusely). Therefore she must be right.

But what if my expectations are too high. I mean so many things have been fail this year. Alice in Wonderland (what were you thinking Burton? NEVER WORK WITH DISNEY EVER AGAIN), The Silver Mage, Dr Who End of Time. And the scriptwriters say they answer questions. What if they answer to many questions and ruin the fun of guessing things like wether Sam was in a coma or not and who Frank Morgan was.


and then I start off all over again. Please tell me someone is going through the same mental agony I am going through right now.

It would be alright if there was anything decent on TV to watch to distract myself with, but Dr Who dosent air for another 2 weeks, there's no news on Foyles War or Spooks or Robin Hood season three and right now I kinda want to go and kill the bloody idiot who thought it would be a good idea to take forever airing season three of A2A (and yes I know it just aired in the UK, but with my luck the ABC won't air it here till July, WHEN IM FUCKING OVERSEAS. That would really be the last straw. I'd rent it out in England and watch it in my God damned Youth Hostel.)

Rant over. But God, please tell me someone feels my pain.
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This is a rather random post but I felt the need to share this with someone.

Ok, well ever since Samantha Bond announced she was leaving the Bond franchise with Pierce Brosnan I have been rather devestated. I absolutely loved her as Moneypenny and I have spent the entire time since wondering who the flying f*** they are going to replace her with for the next leg of the franchise (don't even mention Judi Dench leaving or I may have a hysterical breakdown)... but just, I don't even know what it was about her. She just seemed to embody Moneypenny so well :/

Anyway, being quite bored and having far too much leisure time on my hands I looked up Keely Hawes from Ashes to Ashes on IMDB to see what other stuff she had been in (OMG SHE'S IN SPOOKS... goes to top of my bbc watching list) and anyway all of these IMDB'ers were discussing how she would make a great Moneypenny! It's true. She would!

I really shouldn't be so excited by this, but I've spent the last couple of years wracking my brains over Moneypenny. I can't even remember who I've suggested before- which indicates that they can't have been a good choice lol.

EDIT: It seems most of the Bond fans out there would be happy to see Keeley in the role... here's hoping whoever directs takes notice. Also people have been suggesting Bill Nighy for the role of Q- this would be so beyond cool, I have no words to describe it :P People also, rather oddly, in my view, have suggested Billie Piper for Moneypenny. In my opinion she is far too young for the role and would be a far better Bond girl- especially if she got to be a kick ass one ;)

In other News: I was reminded YET AGAIN of how awesome Helena and Tim Burton are as a couple. They just live their lives as normally as they possibly can and are down to earth and funny and really truly seem to try to do whats best for their kids :)
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Hey guys, so I'm back from Fiji and what a trip it twas! The cyclone had hit the Yasawas two months before we arrived so alot of the islanders were still sleeping outdoors or in ramshackled bure's because the military government has claimed that it "cannot afford to help the islanders because they don't have enough money." The chief's brother rolled his eyes angrily when he explained this to us. Earning a dollar a day is considered good and there is 38% unemployment across Fiji. The trip really made me realise just how good us Westerners have got things despite our complaining.

In other news, I went and bought Ashes to Ashes season two for my family yesterday. The woman in the ABC shop wasn't the usual nice lady and she tried to claim, without batting an eyelid, that "ahhh it's going cheap at $56" Me (in my head) WTF DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?

I really shouldn't enjoy this series as much as I do, after all it has lost most of the spark of Life On Mars, and yet somehow when I watch it, I forget that. Truly, its better than most of the crap on TV and LOm is a somewhat hard act to follow. Though how they will wrap up season three so that it dosen't compromise LOM's ending or copy it or even beat it dramatically I don't know. That was the best ending I have ever seen in a TV show ever! But back to Gene and Alex, I started off hating Alex Drake and poor Keeley Hawes, whose only crime was not being John Simm, but the damned bitch sucked me in lol and I have now decided that I like her enough to watch season one of Spooks. Besides, if I'm honest with myself I know she's a good actress, and alot of the problems with season one were more to do with the script than with her acting... and on top of all of that, just like Sam and Annie in LOM I really want to see Gene and Alex admit they love each other.

Part One of the End of Time airs here in fucking February!!!!!! The ABC are bastards.

I'm onto the last 100 pages of The Silver Mage by Katharine Kerr, the last in her Deverry Saga and sad to say I am so disappointed its not funny. The Horsekin should have been ditched after The Fire Dragon or fleshed out properly and the dark dweomer explored in more detail and Salamandar given a proper past life. It also dosen't help that I've never liked Dallandra- who in my opinion is a bit of a cold hearted bitch, and she has really become a main character in the last four books. On top of this Sidro has been sidelined, I sense an unsatisfying ending for Laz Moj and Salamandar and about the only character I still have hope for is Rhodry. Why Kit? Why did you do this to me?

Oh well, at least she hasn't gone the Harry Potter route of killing off characters pointlessly and presumably writing the book under the influence of crack. i mean Dumbledore gay? really? and this was necessary to the story how and characterised how exactly? HP has a freaking immortality stone so that when Voldie kills him he is alive in heavan at freaking Kings Cross Station? I mean really J K? Really? And let's not even mention the shita-logue which really was the last straw for me.

My angry ranting is over. But unless Kit has some all inspiring ending, I'll be finishing all future re reads at The Fire Dragon (which in my opinion with some small extra pages added, could have sufficiently been the series end)

No offence intended by my scathing remarks to my fellow LJ friends, but a girl has got to rant somewhere ;)

ps: Many thanks to Xafirah for the lovely A2A icons!!! I snagged a couple (obviously) and their beautiful!
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sorry guys but I needed to seriously vent. So season two, episode eight of ashes to ashes was possibly THE most agonizing cliff hanger I have seen on television in awhile, and those script writers leave it like that knowing I am not going to be able to stop thinking about this all year? Man they are evil, evil people...

I had tears of frustration in my eyes when the credits rolled knowing i'd have to wait months for a conclusion, that's how big a cliffhanger this was!

The actual episode was excellent as usual though and has complicated things even MORE than before, which I did not think was possible after Life on Mars. Damn them for screwing with our brains like they are... I have so many theories whirling aroud my head and the thing about this show is... any of them could be possible because these scriptwriters seem to be masters of surprises.

Now if only Sam Tyler will come back...


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