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WARNING: To my friends who like Katharine Kerr, you might not want to read this. Really. You really, really don't. You have been warned :P (But dw I still love you all!)

I suppose I should have seen this one coming really. I mean Al Zorra made it pretty clear during 15 Days of Deverry that she was an elitist git when she likened a post I made asking fellow Kerr fans about other fantasy books they liked to me stealing Kerr's wedding march. I am not joking. This really did happen. I was kinda like, totally gobsmacked at the time, but you know I just kind of put it to Kerr having elitist friends, rather than her being elitist herself.

And then there was the incident with [livejournal.com profile] brendanpodger and that feminist snark over nothing which kind of made me a bit afraid of Kit. And then you know, The Silver Mage sucked. I suppose it wasn't really going to take much else to completely disillusion me about her.

So when she wrote this stunningly idiotically, unprofessional entry, I was one of the many people asking myself wtf is your problem? (I wasn't the only one! Professional writer Jim Hines wrote some snark basically saying wtf too. I kind of wanted to marry him when I figured out who he was lol)

A number of people on LJ have been expressing their views on fanfic, so I thought I'd add mine. I despise it. It
shows a paucity of imagination, especially mainstream published and deified fanfic like WICKED and all the "Pride
and Prejudice" rip-offs. That kind of fanfic is to original work as Hamburger Helper is to meat.
If someone can think of no better idea than to take a classic kid's book series and try to wring a few more bucks
out of it, like the whole 'Wicked' series, then they should get a real job.
Fans who write non-porn stories about TV shows are a different kind of writer. If they love the shows, which are
a group production to begin with, that much, what the hell, they probably don't have the taste and imagination
to write anything original anyway. They are in the same boat as embroiders who buy pre-cut yarn, pre-painted
canvas needlepoint kits. It's a nice hobby, and who am I to complain -- just as long as they leave my work alone.
Porn is porn and will always be so. Nothing to say there.

Yes, apparently Kit is an elitist snob after all :( I would explain all of the reasons why this entry makes no sense, but I'm assuming that my flist is intelligent enough to figure it out themselves.

However, as annoyed as I was at the time, in hindsight this is so idiotic that its quite funny.

Especially when Kit is essentially saying that;

a) everyone who writes fan fic is unoriginal, lazy at writing and unimaginative
b) all scriptwriters for TV are shameless hacks
c) Television writers only want money so its ok to write fan fics about tv (at least I *think* thats what she was claiming)
d) she claims that everyone who happened to disagree with her was a troll (yes, yes I know there were trolls involved, but I saw plenty of pissed off deverry fans in the mix too).
e) She tells transformative professional writers to get a real job
f) An apology consists of her insulting at the same time as she apologises

Fail. Just wow. Total facepalm fail :P I think I read a grand total of three comments that were actually rude without cause.

I also really enjoyed this quote from someone on fandom wank who managed to screen cap the whole mess (those evil, evil people). I admit to choking with laughter at university and freaking the guy out on the computer next to me. I couldn't help it. Seriously.

So fanfiction is like doing predesigned needlepoint? Er, what?

To which someone else replied with

With pre-cut "yarn" (it's embroidery floss, not yarn), no less. As opposed to, I don't know, spinning it yourself from cotton you picked yourself and then dyeing it yourself from dye you made from walnut hulls, berries, and tree bark. Yourself.

And this comment had me nearlly crying with laughter, coz you know, I have to admit that I was one of the ones who may have done this and fuck its just a funny metaphor.

Kerr's take on her readers' reaction is so far gone into denial that she's past the crocodiles, out of the water, and slogging dazedly through the Ethiopian desert. And when she finally makes it into Addis Ababa and checks into an Internet cafe to ask folks to wire her money to get home, her email is still going to be filled with comments saying, "DUDE. WHAT THE FUCK."

So yep, I'm done with Ms Kerr. I'm done with her books and her blogs and her Deverry 15 community lol. Someone who had that little respect for her fans apparently doesn't need readers.

Though I cannot tell a lie and say that some of the shit she was writing was some of the funniest stuff I've seen on the net in a long while :) Maybe I should thank her for that :P And you know, I don't mind if other people want to be her fans, but ya know, a girl's got to rant somewhere, or what else is a blog for?
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Ok so I won a signed copy of the last Deverry book by Katharine Kerr and I was so excited to read it I could hardly wait to get back from Fiji to do so. Unfortunately to those faithful readers who have been reading the series since 1986, the concluding novel is in turns both rushed, nonsensical in parts and dare I say it... boring as well as untrue to many of the characters in the previous books.

At the moment I am forced to give it 2 out of 5 stars, a huge disappointment when I would rate every book in the series a 5/5 with the sole exception of The Gold Falcon, which again in my opinion was a waste of everyone's time because it did not advance the plot in any way (we already knew Neb and Branna would be together, the Horsekin defeated etc etc)

My thoughts are under the cut link for big spoilers.

Read more... )
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Hey guys, so I'm back from Fiji and what a trip it twas! The cyclone had hit the Yasawas two months before we arrived so alot of the islanders were still sleeping outdoors or in ramshackled bure's because the military government has claimed that it "cannot afford to help the islanders because they don't have enough money." The chief's brother rolled his eyes angrily when he explained this to us. Earning a dollar a day is considered good and there is 38% unemployment across Fiji. The trip really made me realise just how good us Westerners have got things despite our complaining.

In other news, I went and bought Ashes to Ashes season two for my family yesterday. The woman in the ABC shop wasn't the usual nice lady and she tried to claim, without batting an eyelid, that "ahhh it's going cheap at $56" Me (in my head) WTF DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?

I really shouldn't enjoy this series as much as I do, after all it has lost most of the spark of Life On Mars, and yet somehow when I watch it, I forget that. Truly, its better than most of the crap on TV and LOm is a somewhat hard act to follow. Though how they will wrap up season three so that it dosen't compromise LOM's ending or copy it or even beat it dramatically I don't know. That was the best ending I have ever seen in a TV show ever! But back to Gene and Alex, I started off hating Alex Drake and poor Keeley Hawes, whose only crime was not being John Simm, but the damned bitch sucked me in lol and I have now decided that I like her enough to watch season one of Spooks. Besides, if I'm honest with myself I know she's a good actress, and alot of the problems with season one were more to do with the script than with her acting... and on top of all of that, just like Sam and Annie in LOM I really want to see Gene and Alex admit they love each other.

Part One of the End of Time airs here in fucking February!!!!!! The ABC are bastards.

I'm onto the last 100 pages of The Silver Mage by Katharine Kerr, the last in her Deverry Saga and sad to say I am so disappointed its not funny. The Horsekin should have been ditched after The Fire Dragon or fleshed out properly and the dark dweomer explored in more detail and Salamandar given a proper past life. It also dosen't help that I've never liked Dallandra- who in my opinion is a bit of a cold hearted bitch, and she has really become a main character in the last four books. On top of this Sidro has been sidelined, I sense an unsatisfying ending for Laz Moj and Salamandar and about the only character I still have hope for is Rhodry. Why Kit? Why did you do this to me?

Oh well, at least she hasn't gone the Harry Potter route of killing off characters pointlessly and presumably writing the book under the influence of crack. i mean Dumbledore gay? really? and this was necessary to the story how and characterised how exactly? HP has a freaking immortality stone so that when Voldie kills him he is alive in heavan at freaking Kings Cross Station? I mean really J K? Really? And let's not even mention the shita-logue which really was the last straw for me.

My angry ranting is over. But unless Kit has some all inspiring ending, I'll be finishing all future re reads at The Fire Dragon (which in my opinion with some small extra pages added, could have sufficiently been the series end)

No offence intended by my scathing remarks to my fellow LJ friends, but a girl has got to rant somewhere ;)

ps: Many thanks to Xafirah for the lovely A2A icons!!! I snagged a couple (obviously) and their beautiful!
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I got Mum a three disc set of the best of Bowie but going through three cd's was annoying, especially when we liked songs spread across the CD's so I put our faves on itunes and burnt a new best of bowie (or at least what we thought was the best) and then I got to thinking about how nearlly ALL of Bowie's songs are amazing so i thought i'd try to pick my top 10 (this was so freaking hard). but anyway, here's my top 10 list in no particular order except for the first two.

1. Life On Mars (because of a certain iconic moment in the TV show that made me feel like i'd been hit by a ten tonne truck and as a result that scene will never leave my head EVER.
2. Ashes to Ashes: because of Alex Drake lol
3. Starman
4. Ziggy Stardust
5. The Jean Genie
6. Under Pressure (with Queen)
7. Modern Love
8. The man who sold the world
9. Aladdin Sane
10. Young Americans

shit that was tough

My new found music interest is Within Temptation. They wrote a song about Jill and Nevyn called Jillian (I'd give my heart). The YT link is here with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2xrInkRT_w

I liked it alot at first but now for various reasons I'm a bit over it. The over epicness is a bit wearying after a couple of listens. However, I'm loving Utopia (reminds me of the Dr who episode of the same name), The Howling, Mother Earth, The Swan Song and Our Solemn Hour (really amazing! love this one to bits). If you like alternative music, I'd highly reccommend this band :)

and i'm still loving the amazing Emilie Autumn. Opheliac has to be lyrics of pure genius, especially the "intelligent girls are more depressed..." part. What if (Celtic version) is beautiful and reminds me of Bellyra and Maryn, as does Castle Down. The single Chambermaid reminds me of Lillorigga and Maryn actually. But out of all of EA's accomplishments, I'd have to say both Shalott and Rose Red are the most beautiful and the most amazing!

besides who dosen't love gothic, vicotrian industrial, fantasy rock violinists?

In other news: I think I'm addicted to Grace Kelly by Mika: I happily imagine The Master dancing around like a maniac to it :P the whole intro of "I wanna talk to you"
"The last time we talked, you reduced me to tears, I promise it won't happen again..." bit reminds me of Lucy and The Master.

They're going through the intro right there lol
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In this mini essay I just want to cover the positives about fan fiction, which are often overlooked, its popularity and the issues others may have with it. This is really a response to a post Katherine Kerr made in a thread at Deverry 15. I do not disagree on all of the points she made, but I do wish to talk about them further so if anyone wants to join the discussion please do, regardless of wether you agree with me or not. Just don't be rude to other people and if anyone has links to interesting articles on fan fics and why they may or may not be a good thing, feel free to post a link in the comments. If you are going to reply, please take the time to have a reason for your answer, dont simply say you agree or disagree :)

Okay, so fan fiction according to wikipedia (that denizen of accurate information) says that fan fiction is defined as creative writing that uses preexisting characters and worlds from books, films, TV programs and other media. According to US copyright laws, these deriviative works are plagarism, however parodies of books are exempt from this. Hence, books like Wicked are in fact fan fictions; if darned popular ones. With such a definition most Broadway musicals in fact become fanfics eg Phantom of the opera was originally a french novel as was les miserables, into the woods and sweeney todd (perhaps the greatest musical ever) are also based off previous sources making them fan fics. Heck, every King Arthur and Merlin story/movie ever made is a fan fic of the original myths and legends as written by Troyes and Monmouth. Poems based off other poems are fan fics, poems or songs based off books etc the list is endless, and yet for some reason there is still this sense of elitism surrounding fan fics. Why is it OK for some people to write fan fics, and why is it not alright for the rest of us to do so? What makes Wicked "pure genius" and my online fan fics plagarism? I don't know, but tell me if you know?

so why do common plebs like me write fan fic's if it is not my own world? my friend on fanfic.net has the best answer I've come across to this...
"Because 87% of endings are cliche's
Because 95% of plot twists are dumb or predictable
Because the best characters always die
Because sometimes evil deserves to win
Because an author is just not willing to rewrite the book in every possible perspective so that fans can see all the possibilties."

To me the last point is the most important. Why do fan write fan fics? The answer is also why I think Wicked is so popular... because fans want to know and havn't always been told enough. Why did they do that? What reason for this? That seemed out of character? How would that have occured after this? There is blank space here that we do not get told about so we have to fill it in for ourselves? Katherine Kerr wrote on Deverry 15, "there's a current rage of course for recycling other people's famous characters, like Sherlock Holmes or the Wicked Witch of the West. To me this looks like an utter decline in the genre writing world, not the cleverness its usually called." Now, clearly Katherine is referring to Wicked and in response to Kit's comment, I would like to point out that the popularity of the book is perhaps less to do with its so called 'famous character' (who in the original book is just the one dimensional run of the mill baddie) and more to do with the originality and creativity behind the author's concept. you cannot deny that wicked is original. it turns the story completely on its head and makes us actually care about the wicked witch. and at the end of the day, fan fic or no fan fic, is it the authors fault if he did a better job at filling in the gaps than the original author? Wicked is a good book (and a decent musical) in its own right, regardless of the fact it is fan fic, because it enriched the original story for its fans. This is why I suspect that ipcookiemonstor wrote in the same thread as Kit that the characters were more important to her than the actual world. Fans do notice when characters arn't explained properly or when they are reduced to cardboard cut outs and sometimes, what they come up with might be better than the original.

Katherine Kerr if you are reading this, you may (or may not be as the case may be) be pleased to know that fanfiction.net, the biggest website to host fan fics, only has one Deverry related fan fic, and this is a parody crossover of Buffy (I know I did a search whilst writing this), which indicates to me t least that your storytelling is such that there is no real need for Deverry fan fiction. However, if you are still concerned about Deverry fan fiction, you can request to be a no go zone on fan fic.net. Writers such as Raymond E Fesit and Anne Rice have already registered as 'no go zones' on the website.

Now, while the author of the original material has the perfect right to choose to do this on fanfic.net and other such similar sites, I believe there is a negative result that can occur due to this, which may need to be considered and that is that you piss fans off to be blunt, when they have to take down the related material or risk having their account deleted. Now this may not matter so much, I mean after all, they chose to write fan fic, but as an author, do you want to be associated with the negativity? I am not sure if there is an answer to that? Bear in mind that the fan is not doing this for profit or to annoy the author deliberately, but rather for enjoyment and to share with other fellow fans a fellow love.

With the advent of the internet, fan fiction has exploded, and now that people can write it and publish it internationally, there is little a person can do about it legally, because people go by usernames and there's absolutely no way a person could sue everyone writing the fics, and thats on top of the problem of different copyright laws in different countries. Frankly, I think this could be a good thing, fan fiction, if anything, would increase a person's fan base and inclination to buy that author or scripwriter's product. In fact, some film production companies encourage fan fics because they maintain the customer's interest in the product during the 'waiting period' for the next book or film to be released.

On top of this, writing short fan fics means that a person can focus on their writing style, in depth characterisation and plot because the world building is already done for them (ie the hard part), and this in fact could potentially improve ones writing when writing an original novel. I know that writing fan fics has defintiely done this for me, especially when others can offer constructive criticism for free.

so in conclusion: though I think an author is within their rights to dislike fan fiction on the basis of plagarism reasons, I think that too often people write off fan fiction as having no benefits, when it is evident (to me at least) that it does. I feel that in this post modern world, where everyone thinks they can do what they want... because hey, who's to say the original author's got it right anyway, fan fiction is here to stay, for better or for worse, simply because there's a demand for it. That dosen't mean people have to endorse fan fiction, but I do object to elitist attitudes towards it which claim that there are no benefits at all.

I hope this was interesting to someone out there amd feel free to comment!

* Just to make things clear... this is NOT A PERSONAL ATTACK on Katherine Kerr or any other authors who may disagree with fan fiction. This is rather an essay designe for rational discussion where all opinions are welcomed.

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My brother and I have often discussed how they would go about doing this. The BBC would have to do it of course, American accents would destroy the credibility of a Celtic/Gaelic inspired world just a tad. They might have a bit of a problem with the magic and the sex, but no doubt they'd manage.

for some reason I always imagine the younger Jill as looking like Kiera Knightley with short blond hair (like in Bend it like Beckham). I have no idea of who would play Rhodry and Salamandar though. and Nevyn, haha, he'd be absolutely destroyed if Michael Gambon played him (loathe that guy as Dumbledore). It's the type of production that would work with lots and lots of unknowns, though of course if I was directing/casting I'd want John Simm and Billie Piper in there somewhere, and Helena.... especially Helena, though none of the characters suit her at all. Miranda Richardson for Lady Merodda for sure, it's about time she got a decent role again.

One thing's for sure... they'd need a darn good scriptwriter... but then it is the BBC, they seem to pick all the good ones up.

In other News: The Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack is really good. The Tim Burton/Danny Elfman dream team have done it again, now onwards to Alice. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be another Elfman musical, and trust me that's a good thing!

In fact, Danny Elfman could write the perfect Deverry score. I see it now, the sweeping choir, the beautiful strings and the epic action music for battles.


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