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So I finally watched episode one. I should probably make a thread in the [profile] nicola_walker comm seeings as it is well and truly done and dusted in the UK.

Anyway, I found the episode relatively intriguing plot wise, but I hated every single main character. Every. Last. One. And it was also pretty damn depressing. Probably not my cup of tea to be honest but I'll watch to the end BECAUSE ZOMG THAT ACTRESS I LIKE (the story of my life- watching programs I don't like for actors I love)

Also, lol at the returned stereotype of Nicola's character in a bad/unfufilling relationship stuck in a world of social and emotional dislocation. How predictable ;)

The most important thing however, is Nicola getting costume changes you guys. MANY. Tv is full of surprises. Random stripey jumper/top thingy was love. I wants one.
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Was like eating the chocolate cake from Matilda, drowning in a calorific sea of cream and with a figurative cherry on top... later there will be stomach pains but right now... I REGRET NOTHING.

Series Ten confuzzles me. Either I am exceedingly amused (probably not Kudos intention) by the week's serious buizness or I am bored and grumpy. This week falls into the amusing and good in a 'Ruth/Harry fan ficcer' kind of way (so [livejournal.com profile] zulu_ottawa did you hate this?)

it eez alwayz zee Russians, with a tortoise in the garden )


Besides I already know. Harry is revealed to be Lord Voldemort. Harry Potter and the aurors come after him with fighter planes and broomsticks. Epic duel ensues. Ruth looks worried and then goes on a holiday to Greece. Spin off show comes next in the same vein as SeaChange. Which had a rather epic theme song Seachange Theme


Oct. 13th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Spooks 10.4 was one mega yawn fest.

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So I went and watched episode two of The Slap, which had far more drama packed into its hour run time than Spooks did. Shame. Series 1-4 were so good.
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Can someone please explain this Moffuckery of an episode in simple language please... I spent the entire 45 mins in a sea of WHAAAA???????

ps: In other news, Nicola Walker is a God Damned Goddess. I already knew this. But of late multiple things have proved this to me further.

Spooks 10.3

Oct. 5th, 2011 11:00 am
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I finally watched it :)

some observations in no particular order )

In other news, I have a billion assignments in the next five weeks and I am going to go down to university today to play quidditch with the Harry Potter society.

Also, Closing Time was like WOAH. Review to come after a rewatch.
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I waited and waited to hear your footsteps )

Spooks 10.1. To quote Big Town All Stars: "That was er, um, well... rather good... wasn't it?" Low expectations. I haz em. They help.

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So apparently I suck at quitting jobs. I went and spoke to my store manager about me going overseas, thinking I was fired and he was all "WHAAA NO... YOU'RE COMING STRAIGHT BACK ON THIS ROSTER THE SECOND YOU IS BACK IN THE COUNTRY. I WENT AND ASKED THE SERVICE MANAGERS AND THEY ALL SAID YOU WERE RELIABLE. I DON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME TRAINING A NEW PERSON..." etc Me:??? I was all prepared to get a new job and everything too...

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Hi to my Nicola friends,

The [livejournal.com profile] nicolawalker comm has finally been declared defunct in favour of the fan site. It has been scarcely functioning ever since I joined it, which is a real shame in my eyes because livejournal is a different medium to a fan site and a lot can be done in a community.

So to fill this void, and because I know a lot of you guys, like me were members of the old comm, I have created a new comm [livejournal.com profile] nicola_walker just now and would love some members so we can share fan art, icons, fan mixes and vids, fan fics, cos play, meta on characters and have watch-a-long and reaction posts to Nicola episodes and radio plays. I have seen a love fest comm work really astonishingly well with [livejournal.com profile] the_willows [livejournal.com profile] doctoreleven and I don't see any reason why we can't recreate that great vibe within another fandom! Any suggestions are welcome in the introduction post.

Come out and play Nicola fans! Her episode of Being Human airs in Australia tomorrow night so I thought we could kick things off with a Being Human rewatch/reaction post of squee :) If you know anyone else who is interested feel free to ask them to join the comm too. The more the merrier for sure!

Also, [livejournal.com profile] novindalf has her own comm over at [livejournal.com profile] hermione_norris if there are Ros fans on my lj. Also, if you wanted Nia, I thought your comm and my comm could affiliate. It would make sense to try and link all of the Spooks related comms together eventually :)
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So if I get into the Oxford Summer Program I can see Keeley in Rocket to the Moon at The National and stand outside that stage door of legends again ;) I better not mention this to my Mum. She may kill me. Cross your fingers for me please. I find out hopefully by the end of this week :)

Also, I can't contain myself anymore. Two of my flist met Nicola Walker on the weekend. Seeings as Nicola's run at The National is over I feel my Nicola related flist should comment with some Nicola love.

Heck. Stuff that. Hey flist. Just comment with any kind of love really. I'm not fussy.

ps: I do realise this post is ridiculous in light of the events in Japan. I am thinking of them and praying for them. But I guess there is nothing we can do other than show our support for them and donate to worthwhile charities who can work with Japan. I guess it just upsets me so much that I feel the need to be frivilous? But I don't have my head in the sand. It's horrible.

Still let's be cheerful flist. Share some fandom love :)

My offerings:



http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4JZMkIr4M8&feature=related- funniest interview ever.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFP5cxxQqnU - For the nostalgia value

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lhdZqG_zcE&feature=fvwrel- Ditto ;)

Now spread the love to the comments ;) Regale me with your Nicola photos, with your stage door stories, with icons and gifs and quotes and your favourite fandoms.

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I've been insisting Nicola Walker should be involved in some capacity with Dr Who for ages. She's apparently the lead female voice in the next Dr Who audio adventure according to her unoffical website!!! I think I will explode with fannish happiness! Now if only The Moff could get her into an actual episode... :P

ps: On the topic of New Who, I started listening to the free Guardian radio play read by Matt Smith and Claire Corbett today and it rocks this city!

Oh Eleventy. I love you. Can't wait for the end of April. SERIES SIX. GUYS. SERIES SIX.
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Gah this sucks guys. My mouth is so swollen and sore from having my wisdom teeth out :( So therefore I will post this and then go watch more TV all day but in the meantime I want to blog for [livejournal.com profile] squint13 on the first two episodes of series three of A2A and blog about Law and Order UK episode "ID" starring Nicola Walker as a guest star for [livejournal.com profile] fragglebo.

Ashes to Ashes spoilers Under cut link.

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I don't watch Law and Order UK generally speaking but I watched episode 4.1 "ID" because Nicola was in it and it was well worth my time to see her guest role (though I think the show itself is pretty mediocre from what I've seen. Certainly no Foyle's War that's for sure.) I don't want to spoil this for those L&O/Nicola fans who haven't seen the episode so I'll have to be vague here.

I liked the morality question throughout this episode. The rights of the individual to privacy and the assumption of innocent until proven guilty versus the rights of people not to be murdered and have their murder go uninvestigated. I loved seeing Martha (I mean Freema) on my screen again and gee she is one beautiful lady, and I liked the older police woman and her acerbic wit. I also liked the guest actor playing the main suspect's lawyer (he was in 9.4 of Spooks as Beth's Chinese asset I believe) and the dodgy political cover up that was underway for most of the episode.

Nicola plays the main suspect's psychiatrist and though she isn't in the episode as much as she is in Spooks or Luther, it was another great performance from her. (By the way you should try watching TV with my Mum. "NICOLA WHAT ARE YOU DOING. NO. AHHH NICOLA WHY? WHY NICOLA? JUST TELL THE POLICE AND STOP BEING A NAUGHTY GIRL. NOOOO NICOLA NOOOOOO). Nicola also gets a pretty decent costume for once which is a pleasant change lol. Her end scenes are the best ones and there's one bit that made my hair stand on end. It's not quite as indescribable a performance as 1.4 of Luther, but it comes pretty close in some places. My heart was a little bit scarred yet again by the compelling honesty of Nicola's performance. Will this woman ever cease to amaze me?
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I slept over at my best friend's house and we watched Coraline. Thoughts under cut:

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Helena Bonham Carter in Enid Review

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The other day the BBC tele movie Skellig was on the ABC and I of course had to watch for John Simm.

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Nicola in the radio play Bad Memories reviewed under this link:

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Nicola in the ITV mini series The Last Train under this link (She's not doing so well on my blog today :P):

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Anyone into Marion Zimmer Bradley? I'm not. Reasons below cut.

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Whew and finished. I still have to watch Helena in Toast, rewatch Nicola in L&O and do Ashes to Ashes series three write ups eventually. Stay tuned ;)
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It's about time I wrote this. I did see the play twice and keep thinking about how much I enjoyed it/had thinky thoughts about it. It was a good play in its own right (not just because we all know Nicola is acting Goddess) so review below cut link with some spoilers. There are more thoughts to perhaps blog on this play but they are still ruminating and yeah...

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Also, hi to all of my new Nicola lj friends. Us fans need to stick together. By the way, I have been listening to alot of Nicola's radio plays of late and was wondering if you guys had listened to any. If so which ones? If not, do you want some from me? I was considering making a complete list of her audio works and putting it in with her film and TV list because I keep getting sent new audio stuff of Nicola's and not knowing where it fits with her acting career chronilogically speaking. if you are interested in me posting this list to my lj let me know :) I will try to make it as accurate as possible.

EDIT: Just found this on the updated NW fansite. How useful :) The list here looks pretty complete (never realised just how much radio and theatre this woman has done!)

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So I was reading Mary Ann on flickfilosopher again, admiring her latest 'aggressively promoting the female gaze' post on Ben Barnes from The Chronicles of Narnia and I went back and read the intitial rationale behind these posts found here:


I had just been thinking about what I found sexy in a person, largely brought about by Fidget on the Spooks forum :P and how what I find sexy does not meet the stereotypical 'male gaze' pushed agenda of the film medium, and decided to post happy pics of actors I find sexy who don't fit the conventional sexy/hot/beauty myth prototype :P

Pics under cut:

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I just finished reading Philip Pullman's new book 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundral Christ.' Now don't get me wrong. I love Philip Pullman. He is the brilliant writer who brought me both His Dark Materials and The Sally Lockhart quartet (two series that are in my top five of all time). But this book? I can't help but feel Pullman was being lazy.

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In other news: more fandom gender fail. Someone is trying to tell me that Ruth Evershed from Spooks is a Mary Sue because she is 'too smart and no one is that perfect.' Wow. I actually am really insulted by the stupidity of this statement. The implication of this statement being that 'real women' arn't smart and that intelligence in a woman is a negative trait.

ASIDE: This is actually insulting to everyone who happens to be smart, let alone women who happen to be smart. It reminds me of the whole bullying culture I experienced in Primary School because smart was associated with negativity and uncool. I mean REALLY. REALLY HAS THE WORLD DEGENERATED TO THE POINT WHERE INTELLIGENCE IS NOW A BAD THING?

Also, how the heck is Ruth a perfect character? Are we watching the same show? Ruth is only a perfect character if we measure perfection by a woman's intelligence. It's not like Ruth is young, glamorous, drop dead gorgeous and abounding in confidence or anything. It's not like the entire point of the complexity of the character of Ruth is her intelligence and analytical skills as offset by her extreme social skills fail. It's not like Ruth represents a whole group of women who fight shyness all the time and really freaking associate with her love life fail. Not at all.

Ironically, back when I was onto series five of Spooks I wrote this re Ruth: River and Alex are who I wish I'd be when I'm in my 30's, but Ruth is who I am, or at least who I'm heading towards. In fact, I would argue that Ruth is one of the most realistic female characters I have seen on TV ever. Guess I was way off about realistic women eh guys?

Rant under cut.

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I will probably blog properly about this later because it actually REALLY bothers me.
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Sorry guys, I was going to write a post on the link between fandom and creativity but Spooks happened. To be precise season five, episode five happened. The dreaded episode. The one that made my heart a blithering mess. The reason why I am now crying as I type this and listen to sad love songs.

Fuck you Spooks. Really, fuccccck you.

My flist will remember me posting this on the topic of the pain I experienced at Zoe leaving and how I put all of my love into Ruth/Harry instead.

So then I jumped onto the Ruth bandwagon... well I was already on the Ruth bandwagon but in a less of a "oh shit if Ruth leaves my heart will bleed" kind of stage that I had gotten to with Zoe. But then you know Ruth is just so cool and so like me if I were a Spook and her and Harry are so damn cute that before I knew it... yep... now if Ruth leaves my poor heart will break and my Mum will be walking around moaning 'Ruth, Zoe" at random intervals.

This is Spooks. It will happen. My heart will be broken again. I know this because somewhere along the line Nicola Walker who plays Ruth had a kid and left for a couple of seasons. There's only 8 seasons. I'm onto the 5th one. I live in fear.

Yeah well the above paragraph happened. It happened in the way that I dreaded. It happened in a similar way to Zoe, just to make sure that my sorrow would be just as great and take me another 2 seasons to get over.

It was some of the most excruciating television I've watched in my life and damn it they'd finally sorted out their relationship and then Ruth gets framed. Not only does she get framed, but she can't defend herself unless she lets Harry go down too. Wow. I hate you scriptwriters, I really, really do.

I'm not sure which was the most emotional part. The part where Ruth sits with Zaf and asks him to smile if he thinks he sees her and keep walking, the part where Jo walks in on Ruth andd Harry when they're looking into each others eyes, the part where Zaf asks Ruth if she knows that she's throwing her life away and does she even know why she's doing it, and Ruth says yes and nothing else and we all know its because of Harry, the part where Harry says he doesn't know what he's going to do without Ruth, the part where they kiss, the part where they say goodbye, or the final scene where Harry is staring after Ruth on the boat looking devestated and Ruth stares back and oh my God I'm crying again...

I missed alot of dialogue at the end of the episode because by that stage my glasses had misted up and I was crying uncontrollably. Even my Mum shed a tear. That never happens, except at the end of Big Fish when Burton makes that beautiful death analogy. Usually my Mum laughs at me because I'm very fussy about what films I watch and shows I admit to liking to, but when I like a show I get very emotional about it and cry alot.

I cried so much it wasn't funny. I had tears rolling down my cheeks. I still get depresed thinking about it.

My Mum true to form roamed around the house moaning "Zoeeee, Ruthhhh." She also made me feel even worse by pointing out that like Zoe, Ruth has to leave everything behind including her pets, money etc, except unlike Zoe, she doesn't even get the love of her life :( Well, thanks for that Mum, that just made me cry more.

I don't know how the hell I can keep watching series five without Ruth. She was the backbone of the show damn it!

So, for the love of Ruth, I post some sad YT videos to make me and everyone else more depressed.


God that one is tragic. I can never listen to Apologise on my ipod without thinking about Ruth and Harry :(


This song is too much too!

Farewell Ruth Evershed. Words cannot express how much I loved you!

PS: Anyone know where they can point me in the direction of some decent Harry/Ruth fan mixes? Or how I send Nicola Walker fan mail for that matter?

On Fandom

Jun. 4th, 2010 10:57 am
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Ok first off, I've defriended the Doctor Who comm because I am so sick and tired of the Amy whinging that is going on along with the Moffat is a sexist writer and I want RTD back bullshit.

So first off I am going to state here, on my lj, my biases. I believe that if anything Moffat is feminist when he writes Dr Who, and that is obvious regardless of his personal views in interviews which may come across as sexist. I have already gone on at great length about how Amy and River are both feminist characters and I am not going through it all again.

One thing that I really feel the need to point out though, is the double standard that is going on here because RTD wrote some very sexist endings for all three of his companions. Before I start I want to make some things clear;

1. I loved Rose to bits mainly because I loved the way Billie acted to bits
2. Martha is my favourite companion other than Amy
3. I don't love or hate Donna
4. I enjoyed many RTD episodes of new who and this is not an RTD bash.

Thoughts on sexism in the RTD era under cut link for spoilers to all four season finales and the Christmas specials

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Onwards to Spooks.

Ok. I think that I now love Ruth Evershed more than I even love Riversong or Alex Drake. River and Alex are who I wish I'd be when I'm in my 30's, but Ruth is who I am, or at least who I'm heading towards. In fact, I would argue that Ruth is one of the most realistic female characters I have seen on TV ever.

Note: I would also like to add that whichever author from deepgenre who claimed that if you turned down the sound on a tv program you could tell it was just actors acting and responding to cues, you are so wrong and are clearly not watching the correct programs. Nicola Walker, I really cannot express how much I love you, but you act so realistically that I feel like Ruth is a real person, sound or no sound. To demonstrate however, how wrong that authors sentiment was, I would also like to add that I watched a Martha Jones episode of Dr Who with the sound off and the acting was still realistic. Clearly this author needs to watch herself some BBC.

Anyway back to Spooks. Last time I blogged at the end of season four, the amount of people who had left the show in whatever heartbreaking way and were main characters had gone up to 7. Yeah, well I'm onto episode three of season five, and that number has gone up to 8. The person who left was a great character too. I liked him alot. Now I know why there were so many anguished imdb fans talking about him :(


Harry: If I were to go on a holiday, I'd go to Paris.
Ruth: No New York! Where's your sense of Atlanticism?
Harry: Where's your sense of romanticism? (stares at Ruth intently)

Also when he asked her out, Nicola Walker's expressions were priceless. I repeat: I love her muchly.


Harry: would you like to have dinner one night?
Ruth: I'm, I'm sorry?

Harry: Dinner?

oh my that expression :)

and that one...

That sequence of expressions is priceless. Anyway so is this (after she says yes)

Ok, sorry for the screencap spam but my squee is great right now :P I love Ruth and Nicola Walker!
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One assignment down, one left to go.

Under cut link for entertainment thoughts :P

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