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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

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Les Miserables Film

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After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!
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My love affair with HBC continues...

Pics under the cut for images of her as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations and Julia in Dark Shadows. Both come out in 2012. I. am. excited.

beauty is always only an illusion Merlin. Didn't you know that? )

Who likes Helena on my flist? Excited for any of her up and coming films? Tell me about them!

ps: Looks like she is confirmed for Madame Thernadier in Les Miserables. YES. SQUEE!!!!!!
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Dear People who think it is ok to continue to put down the astoundingly original Helena Bonham Carter with cruel and hurtful insults every time she goes to an event,

Repeat after me:

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ps world: I happen to own a waist corset and a normal corset and have been known to wear both in public places. One of my best friends wears miniture top hats as hair accessories. Enlighten me... why is there a problem with this? I also happen to love 80's fashion too but that's ok because that's "in"... what do I do when its out world? QUICK SELL ALL OF MY FAVOURITE CLOTHES BECAUSE A MAGAZINE TELLS ME TO DO IT. I GET YOU.


Oct. 9th, 2010 04:51 am
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It's been ages since I've looked up anything to do with my idol Helena Bonham Carter but gosh I just have to share this picture with you.

I imitate Alex Drake but maybe I should channel Helena more. I love this outfit from the BAFTA's! She looks beautiful and I love her qurky additions to the dress.

I hate the way the UK press ridicule her dress sense. I think she always looks lovely. Eccentricity does not equal ugly. I wish the fashion world would realise this.

Anyway, I love this outfit forever and ever and I must wear mini top hats more often. Long may Tim and Helena reign!!!

ps: I love that Julie Walters mentioned HBC in her acceptance speech. Also, have I ever mentioned that I love Julie Walters?


pps: Speaking of Alex Drake all I want for Christmas is Alex's entire wardrobe!

Like this top which is like the most beautiful top in the universe ever:

and this entire outfit but especially the retro tshirt and the red boots.

Also, it should be illegal for someone to be that hot and that skinny. If only I had legs like Keeley's sigh.

Maybe if I write another fan letter to Keeley she'll send me her outfits ;) Cough. But really.

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I watched Batman Returns last night with my brother (he got it for his 18th) and I forgot how much I freaking love this movie... well it along with Edward Scissorhands, TNBC, Big Fish, Sleepy Hollow, Corpse Bride and Sweeney Todd.

Like seriously, how astounding is this scene:


I love Elfman's Catwoman Theme. It's one of his most beautiful pieces... well along with all the other soundtracks he's done for Burton.

But really, that scene is so haunting and chilling and beautiful. I think its one of my favourite Burton scenes aside from the haunting, chilling and beautiful scene that is this:


and you know the final sweeney todd scene... when Johnny Depp is covered in blood and cradles his dead wife in his arms singing to himself as Toby creeps up behind him and slices his throat in revenge for a dead Mrs Lovett and the blood drips from Johnny into the wife's mouth and spreads out into the sewers and the orchestra swells up beautifully and the light flickers and the camera pulls back and the movie just ends... yeah it rates as one of my favourite scene sequences of all time. In fact I think it is my favourite scene sequence of all time...

Yeah, I think meeting the director has just made me love his movies even more than I did before. I still can't believe that I spoke to him and laughed with him and he shook my hand TWICE! I also can't believe that  I am now two degrees of seperation from half of Hollywood!

I would post pictures to prove to you that I actually did shake Tim's hand and luagh with him but I can't figure out how to upload the images from my computer. Keeps saying there's an error.

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Ok so I finally finished reading Jane Eyre and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Let me just start off by explaining that I really don't have lots of love for 19th century fiction, unless its about the lower classes or a Russian novel lol, so for me to like Jane Eyre is pretty amazing. I think I enjoyed it so much because Jane wasn't a superfiicial character, she didn't live for marriage, she knew that there were flaws in her society and she didn't compromise her values for others. I don't know. I just really liked her character.

I know lots of people don't like the gothic elements, but I quite enjoyed that too, because it made a change from the predictable plot lines of other novels of that time and being a fantasy writer myself, it was just more interesting to me.

I also saw parallels between Jane Eyre and Emily of New Moon and The Secret Garden which I thought was interesting too.

Alice in Wonderland comes out soon and I'm unsure of wether to go in with no expectations or with some- because quite frankly the reviews I've read so far are either wildly positive (especially about Helena as the Red Queen!!! :) ) or wildly negative. And then of course, there are the people who I quite hate, who have a whinge about 'oh this movie would be good- if Burton casted different people,' or 'he is a talentless hack whose movies are boring.' (ok well then DONT WATCH THEM.) And you know what MAYBE HELENA IS THE PERFECT RED QUEEN- MAYBE SHE WAS BORN FOR THE PART. SHE COULD BE BRILLIANT LIKE THE EARLY REVIEWS SUGGEST AND PEOPLE WILL STILL HAVE A CRY. It just sucks. I mean really, give them all a break. Burton's films are always entertaining and visually beautiful- he dosent claim to be an intellctual maestro, so why do people expect that from his movies?

In other (less ranty news) I am reading Melanie Rawn's Ruins of Ambrai. I would enjoy this book alot more if two things happened:
- there was a character index because man has she got too many. I was glad when half of them died because at least then I had some hope of getting some characters straight.
- If I was convinced she was actually going to finish the series. The information so far that I've read seems to indicate that she won't, which makes me annoyed and angry. If you write a series FINISH IT. That is common decency. Otherwise get someone else to do it for you.

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My brother and I have often discussed how they would go about doing this. The BBC would have to do it of course, American accents would destroy the credibility of a Celtic/Gaelic inspired world just a tad. They might have a bit of a problem with the magic and the sex, but no doubt they'd manage.

for some reason I always imagine the younger Jill as looking like Kiera Knightley with short blond hair (like in Bend it like Beckham). I have no idea of who would play Rhodry and Salamandar though. and Nevyn, haha, he'd be absolutely destroyed if Michael Gambon played him (loathe that guy as Dumbledore). It's the type of production that would work with lots and lots of unknowns, though of course if I was directing/casting I'd want John Simm and Billie Piper in there somewhere, and Helena.... especially Helena, though none of the characters suit her at all. Miranda Richardson for Lady Merodda for sure, it's about time she got a decent role again.

One thing's for sure... they'd need a darn good scriptwriter... but then it is the BBC, they seem to pick all the good ones up.

In other News: The Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack is really good. The Tim Burton/Danny Elfman dream team have done it again, now onwards to Alice. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be another Elfman musical, and trust me that's a good thing!

In fact, Danny Elfman could write the perfect Deverry score. I see it now, the sweeping choir, the beautiful strings and the epic action music for battles.


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