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So basically I nabbed [personal profile] lost_spook meme and adapted it because I don't have five fandoms. I used the website she provided to get 5 poems, and used the fifth line of each poem to write a 50 word Spooks drabble.

1. Malcolm/Colin

Came and were gone. He leant upon a tree (Yeats)

Malcolm’s jaw is tight as he stumbles home, head buzzing with drink.

He’s been running late pissed but it doesn't feel like madness; setting his thoughts free in twilight calm.

Something hangs from the stunted tree that marks Malcolm’s front door. Its branches swing in the wind.

Just shadows.

2. Sam/Danny

It aims once—kills once—conquers once— (Dickinson)

Sam polishes a table top. She traces him in the laminate reflection.

It didn't matter that she’d found photos of Zoe under his pillow- he swirls through her reality- eyes pinning her down.

He leaves her a tip with a black American drawl and breaks the spell.

3. Ruth/Tom

If this presumptuous seems, God, may I be forgiven. (Rilke)

She sees the look in Tom’s eyes when he comes in and gazes through the glass. Disgust. Rage. Hurt. It scares her too much to leave it.

One day, she follows him home.

Tom kisses her palms and tells her she must consign him to shadows.

She never does.

4. Lucas/Ros

Freedom to starve or slave! (Service)

He was still licking cinnamon and sugar off his fingers when Ros came in.

“Sorry. Catching up on eight years worth of fat and grease.”

“You’ll need more than that to brave working on The Grid,” she said, sitting beside him. “So I've ordered you an entire store’s worth.”

5. Ruth/Harry

:seized( (Cumming)

When had it happened? This passion that burnt her up and tore at her chest? Whether corridor or restaurant or balcony or bench, she never wanted to stop feeling its painful tug.

She’d do anything to preserve its purity.

Even throw her life away for his shipwrecked inertia.

Well that was fun. Comments are love as always.


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