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Here is a list of fic that I have posted on lj :)


Never The Princess Now Ruth/Harry/Elena. Spoilers for s10, PG.

Breaking Point Ruth/Harry, Spoilers up to 8.8 to be safe, M.

Fire Still Burning Beth/Lucas, Ros/Lucas, Spoilers for up to 9.8, PG.

Hidden Ruth/Dimitri AU s9 fic. PG.

One Crowded Hour Ruth/Harry, Ruth/Mikael (my own character), spoilers for all of s9, M for a sex scene.

By the Bridge Ruth/Harry, Spoilers for all of s9, PG.

Conversations Ruth and all characters from s8 in a series of short missing conversations, PG.

Memories Harry/Ruth, spoilers up to 6.3, PG.

Spooks/Harry Potter Crossover fic


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Spooks/Bond Crossover Fic

Shorty Visits
M decides she needs to help Ruth and Harry get together to avert international disaster after a mysterious phone call... PG, spoilers for Spooks up to 9.8 but mild.

Spooks/Doctor Who crossover fic: The Stories That Matter
Ruth/Eleven crossover, PG, spoilers for up to s10 of Spooks and s7 of Doctor Who.

You said five minutes

Nobody was Crying

Doctor Who

Alone Again (Unnaturally) River/Doctor christmas fic with some Sexy too. Set after 7.5 but before the 2012 christmas special. PG.

Desert Places River/Doctor fluff. No real spoilers. PG.

River's Diary River/Doctor, spoilers up to A Good Man Goes to War, PG.

A Short Trip To Venice River/Doctor, River/Rosanna, Spoilers for up to A Good Man Goes to War, M for sex scenes.

The Boy Who Waited Rory/Amy, spoilers for up to 5.13 The Big Bang, PG.

The Wizard River/Doctor, spoilers for up to The Big Bang, PG.
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Title: Where All The Lost Spooks Go
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Ruth/Tom/Zoe, set just after 5.5
Word Count: 2100 words approx.
Rating: PG
Notes: Chapter Three- Ruth finds herself in Santiago with Tom to meet some more old faces.
Previous Chapters

By Plane or by Sea

Oh Captain, I will Follow

Persephone Rising )
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So basically I nabbed [personal profile] lost_spook meme and adapted it because I don't have five fandoms. I used the website she provided to get 5 poems, and used the fifth line of each poem to write a 50 word Spooks drabble.

that which moves )

Well that was fun. Comments are love as always.
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Title: Where All The Lost Spooks Go
Fandom: Spooks
Characters: Ruth/Harry, set just after 5.5
Word Count: 2100 words
Rating: PG
Notes: So I wanted to write an AU fic where all of the best Spooks met up. I thought this would be light hearted but I forgot about what writing Ruth is like. I never thought I'd write for this fandom again AND NOW I AM WRITING A MULTI PART FIC. WHAT EVEN, WORLD? Oh, how I've missed this!

Part 1/Chapter 1

By Plane or by Sea )
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Title: Never the Princess Now
Fandom: Spooks
Characters/Pairing: Ruth/Harry. Elena.
Word Count: 1500 words approx
Rating: PG
Spoilers: AU oneshot fic for up to 10.5 of spooks
Notes: I felt like writing something because I hadn't written any fic in almost a year. This wip had been in my mind for an age and I'd even written part of it already. In reality, I never believed that Harry and Ruth should be together. Both characters changed too much and not necessarily for the better. This oneshot uses the tragedy of the Gavriks to highlight the tragedy of Ruth and Harry. Elena never worked for me in 10.6. She became too much. I liked her better when she was ambiguous, hurting and screwed over by Harry. This story is that Elena. Enjoy.

By the way I tried to say I'd be here, waiting for you )
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Title: The Stories That Matter
Chapter One: You Said Five Minutes
Chapter Two: "Nobody was Crying"
Fandom: Spooks/Doctor Who crossover
Characters: Ruth Evershed/Eleventh Doctor
Summary: Will Ruth leave spying and run with The Doctor or will she choose to stay with Harry?
Word Count: 690 words
Spoilers: 3.5 of Spooks and up to The God Complex of Doctor Who
Rating: G
Notes: This story was started months ago last year but I didn't have the heart to write spooks fic after s10. Unfortunately, I am a completist and knew this story still has three more parts to go. Here is the second part. Finally.

I couldn't read her face )
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The last chapter of Almost Here so [personal profile] moth2fic you can read the whole thing now :)

Title: Almost Here
Genre: Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks)
Characters: Dumbledore, Ruth Evershed and Danny Hunter
Word Count: 1300 words approx.
Summary: The final test...

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three

Children, lift up your voice, lift up your voice )

Well. Weirdest fic I've ever written but so worth it...
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Well. It took me awhile but a second chapter is finally here. I will work on Chapter Two of my Doctor Who crossover tomorrow.

Title: Almost Here
Genre Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks), multi chapter fic, supernatural themed
Spoilers: For all of Harry Potter and Spooks
Characters: Ruth Evershed, Danny, Dumbledore, references to other Spooks
Rating: PG for themes to do with death?
Word Count 1000 words approx
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Harry Potter. This is J.K Rowling's intellectual property. Nor do I own Ruth or anyone else from Spooks. Kudos does. No matter how much I wish they didn't after the nihilistic finale.

Chapter One is here: I'll be waiting for you

he and she were worth ten of them alone )

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I am as repetitive as clock work ;)

Title: Almost Here
Genre Crossover fic (Harry Potter and Spooks), multi chapter fic, supernatural themed
Spoilers: For all of Harry Potter and Spooks
Characters: Ruth Evershed, some other guest Spook appearances, Dumbledore
Rating: PG for themes to do with death?
Word Count 1500 words approx
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Harry Potter. This is J.K Rowling's intellectual property. Nor do I own Ruth or anyone else from Spooks. Kudos does. No matter how much I wish they didn't after the nihilistic finale.
Notes So I realise this is a weird fic premise but just try it out ok... I want to make a more hopeful ending than spooks could give me in canon so I decided what better than some wisdom from Dumbledore ;) The quotes quoted from The Deathly Hallows are from p.p. 578-9.

death is only the beginning )
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Title: "I said Five Minutes"
Rating: PG
Characters: Ruth Evershed and Eleventh Doctor
Word Count: 1200 approx.
Notes: No spoilers for Spooks or Doctor Who unless you have yet to watch The Eleventh Hour. Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook and [livejournal.com profile] belantana who started this insanity ;) Set at the start of s2 when Ruth is adorably hippie and still has a smile and a sense of faith in humanity. Think of this as a prologue. Assuming I get comments from someone, there will be more.

a moment, just a moment )
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Do I really need to say more? Other than it is my right :P

Characters: s9 Team Spooks plus some other surprise guest appearances, Brosnan Bond and M
Rating: PG but some swearing so you are warned
Word Count: 2100 words approx
Spoilers: Not really but it helps if you've watched up to 9.8, there is a spoiler for s10 if you describe a promo pic as a spoiler
Notes: I wanted to use footnotes but don't know how to use them in an lj post so brackets it is.

Mockity Mock )
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Title: Breaking Point
Characters: Ruth Evershed and Harry Pearce
Rating: M for disturbing themes and moments
Spoilers For everything involving s8 to be safe, but then veers off into wild s9 au
Word Count: 2500 words approx.
Summary: What would we do for love? How far would we go to save those we love?
Notes: My third au s9 fic. This isn't conventional R/H or even everyone's cup of tea so please no flaming. The more Spooks fics I write the more experimental they get. It's a what if scenario and obviously I don't really want this to happen so love not hate please (though constructive criticism is welcome always). This au fic assumes s8 was mi5 doing mi5 things and not playing at mi6 with the whole Nightingale plot. Ros Meyers still died however. Also, I want you to all know it killed me to write this. In my defence, I’ve just watched Casino Royale.
Fic Masterlist

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Snape/Lily fic recs? You got any?
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Title: Fire still Burning
Pairing: Beth/Lucas, Ros/Lucas, with some appearances by Dimitri and Ruth.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 4800 words (YES I KNOW HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?)
Spoilers: I'll just say all of s9 to be safe even though this is an AU fic.
Notes: This is my second s9 AU fic, which attempts to give Beth more of a character. I always thought it was strange that they had Beth and Lucas meet in such an explosive way and then it went nowhere with a potential relationship (and no I don't mean sexual). Also, I wanted to have some Beth/Ruth in their flat too.
Fic Masterlist

And I heard your heart beating, you were in the darkness too )
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Title: Hidden
Characters: Ruth Evershed and Dimitri Levandis
Genre: Angst/drama/suspense
Words: 2100 approx
Rating: PG
Summary: An AU alternative ending s9 fic where somebody else is the real traitor. Ruth finds out the hard way. But why is this happening and what is the motivation? Based off my own speculation prior to 9.8 airing.
Disclaimer: I don't own Spooks. Kudos does and the writers :)

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Title: Desert Places
Pairing: River/11th Doctor
Spoilers: None (AU fic)
Summary: For the [livejournal.com profile] spoiler_song ficathon with prompt "Desert Places." River and The Doctor are AU fluffy and banter a lot because it is so much fun to write.
Rating: I think it is pretty PG personally but I can change if anyone disagrees.
Word Count: 648 words (my shortest fic ever wooot)

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Ok, so thanks to [livejournal.com profile] madama_airlock I know Alex is at the London con on July 10th AND I AM IN LONDON THEN. However, Karen is there on the 9th! WHICH POSES THE PROBLEM OF WHICH DAY DO I CHOOSE. If I got Saturday I get to stay the whole day and meet Karen (hopefully) but I would prefer to meet Alex on the Sunday. However, the thing is, I have to leave London by like 12 30pm to get to Oxford on the Sunday for 4pm. If the con is on Sunday at 9am and ends at 6pm, isn't that pushing it a lot to even factor in Alex? OH HELP ME PLEASE FLIST. DR WHO IS TORTURING ME AGAIN.
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Title: River's Diary
Pairing: River/Melody/Eleventh Doctor, Rory
Spoilers: including A Good Man Goes to War
Summary: An answered prompt from the [livejournal.com profile] spoiler_song ficathon for [livejournal.com profile] bendingwind. Rory gives River the TARDIS diary Amy never used and she writes letters to him in it, telling him of her life and her adventures, of him and Amy and what they mean to her, of stories and what they mean in turn, of romance and passion and love and of running with The Doctor...
(And shuddup yes I have been studying too, even if I have written two River fics in two days)
Rating: PG (mention of sex but not explicit descriptions or anything)
Word Count: 2500 words

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Spoilers for series eight and nine under cut :)

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So flist do you have any Spooks fan fic canon that is now irrevocable fact in your head even if the show has never agreed with you? Tell me all about it :)
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So I know there are Spooks fans on my flist and I just posted this New Year's Ruth/Harry, Dimitri/Beth (love those two cheeky buggers) fic on ff.net. I'll post the link here for whoever wants to read. I'd post the fic to my lj but I'd be here all day with the formatting. If you don't want to review on ff.net you can leave a comment at the bottom of this post :)

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Sorry [livejournal.com profile] promethia_tenk I know I said I'd do this ages ago but assignments and actual fan fic writing got in the way.

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