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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

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Les Miserables Film

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After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!
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My love affair with HBC continues...

Pics under the cut for images of her as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations and Julia in Dark Shadows. Both come out in 2012. I. am. excited.

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Who likes Helena on my flist? Excited for any of her up and coming films? Tell me about them!

ps: Looks like she is confirmed for Madame Thernadier in Les Miserables. YES. SQUEE!!!!!!
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I've always had a strange relationship with Harry Potter: the books. I always felt that J K Rowling sold out in book six and seven and the pace got very uneven. That's not to say I didn't appreciate the world she created and the characters I came to love and the way that part of my childhood is caught up in each books pages. But having said that, this is the reason I went to DH:p1 with so much trepidation as I didn't like Book 7 all that much. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be the strongest movie that had been released so far. I also was given an extra treat in that I thought Bellatrix Lestrange truly elevated herself above EVERYONE and really, really encapsulated the essence of evil. It was an astonishing performance from Helena and I think it is now impossible to seperate her from the character. I really feel that Helena brought a lot to the role of Bellatrix, she was born to play the part.

Actual film under cut link for part two:

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I think the last two films have been the strongest because the art direction really picked up (very Burtonish I noticed), the storytelling cut straight to the heart of the books even if that meant adding in or taking away scenes from the source material and finally, the atmostphere and the drama was exactly right. Deathly Hallows Part One and Two succeeded in a way the previous Potter's haven't done. They convinced me that these were movies in their own right with strong themes and performances that had real lasting dramatic resonance.
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You follow a Spooks link to a website on the new eight part tv series entitled World Without End because Peter Firth has been cast in it and discover Miranda Richardson's gorgeous face on your screen and then get excited because this lovely lady hasn't been in anything substantial in like forever (and yes I am aware of Made in Dagenham) and frankly is far, far more exciting a cast edition than Peter Firth... after all who could ever forget Queen Mab in Merlin or the chillingly cold mother in Wah Wah or the stepmother in Sleepy Hollow or Manda scarring me for life as a kid in Chicken Run or THREE PARTS AT ONCE IN SPIDER. THREE. MIRANDA RICHARDSON SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN OSCAR THAT YEAR I TELL YOU.

Also, when you remember Helena Bonham Carter has been cast in Great Expectatons as Ms Havisham and might even be up for the Tom Hooper movie version of Les Miserables as Madame Thernadier. Life doesn't get any better...
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I slept over at my best friend's house and we watched Coraline. Thoughts under cut:

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Helena Bonham Carter in Enid Review

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The other day the BBC tele movie Skellig was on the ABC and I of course had to watch for John Simm.

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Nicola in the radio play Bad Memories reviewed under this link:

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Nicola in the ITV mini series The Last Train under this link (She's not doing so well on my blog today :P):

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Anyone into Marion Zimmer Bradley? I'm not. Reasons below cut.

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Whew and finished. I still have to watch Helena in Toast, rewatch Nicola in L&O and do Ashes to Ashes series three write ups eventually. Stay tuned ;)
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Dear People who think it is ok to continue to put down the astoundingly original Helena Bonham Carter with cruel and hurtful insults every time she goes to an event,

Repeat after me:

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ps world: I happen to own a waist corset and a normal corset and have been known to wear both in public places. One of my best friends wears miniture top hats as hair accessories. Enlighten me... why is there a problem with this? I also happen to love 80's fashion too but that's ok because that's "in"... what do I do when its out world? QUICK SELL ALL OF MY FAVOURITE CLOTHES BECAUSE A MAGAZINE TELLS ME TO DO IT. I GET YOU.
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I feel the need to post this because I've noticed that since I've gotten a blog, I pretty much havn't mentioned Helena Bonham Carter at all. Which is weird. Because you know, in my opinion, she is pretty much the greatest person in the universe!!!

Also, I decided it was high time I listened to some post Alice interviews, especially after having the luck to record her HP premiere interview when I was in London IN WHICH SHE SCARED THE BEJESUS OUT OF US ALL BY SUDDENLY SLIPPING INTO CHARACTER AND DOING THE BELLATRIX LAUGH. GET THIS FLIST. GET THIS. THAT? IT IS ON MY CAMERA. HELENA IS ON MY CAMERA. Sorry. Still not over that.

Anyway, you see, I have my other amazing actress flings, but none of them can ever quite seem to touch the cocktail of eccentrism, hilarity, randomness, beauty, and powerhouse, intelligent acting that is HBC (admittedly the bonkers but brilliant Nicola Walker does probably come closest) Helena always wins out in the end. It's interviews like this that is why:


Oh Helena. You keep eating those strawberries and saying random things because I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER AND EVER. Also, NEVER EVER change your style. Because you know what, Helena? IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. ALSO ALSO YOUR HAIR IS THE GREATEST I HAVE EVER SEEN IT. NEVER CHANGE.


I repeat: God I love her.

Also, this interview in which she reminds me of The Witch from Into The Woods:


I think she gets cooler by the year or something. I swear she was never this awesome in the period drama days! I just love how she chooses to sit on the chair, and that she has three drinks SO SHE GIVES ONE TO THE SHOCKED INTERVIEWER. HAHA HELENA. YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS.


Above is the second part of the interview in which she suddenly parrots Craig's Scottish accent at random and slips into Morgan Le Fay speak. SHE ALSO HAS A SMALL HOLE RIPPED IN HER JACKET SO SHE CAN PULL OUT A MINI HER AS THE RED QUEEN AND FEED IT MARSHMALLOWS. I THINK I JUST DIED. HELENA? WHY ARE YOU SO MUCH MORE EXPONENTIALLY AWESOME BY THE SECOND?

QUESTION GUYS? Why is Helena not my aunty? We would have fun times we would.

So yes. Much as I love the Miranda Richardson's, the Emily Watson's, the Nicola Walker's, the Alex Kingston's, the Keeley Hawes, and the Billie Piper's of the world, NOBODY, NOT EVER, NOT IN A THOUSAND YEARS, WILL EVER BEAT THE GREAT HELENA BONHAM CARTER.



:) :) :)


Oct. 9th, 2010 04:51 am
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It's been ages since I've looked up anything to do with my idol Helena Bonham Carter but gosh I just have to share this picture with you.

I imitate Alex Drake but maybe I should channel Helena more. I love this outfit from the BAFTA's! She looks beautiful and I love her qurky additions to the dress.

I hate the way the UK press ridicule her dress sense. I think she always looks lovely. Eccentricity does not equal ugly. I wish the fashion world would realise this.

Anyway, I love this outfit forever and ever and I must wear mini top hats more often. Long may Tim and Helena reign!!!

ps: I love that Julie Walters mentioned HBC in her acceptance speech. Also, have I ever mentioned that I love Julie Walters?


pps: Speaking of Alex Drake all I want for Christmas is Alex's entire wardrobe!

Like this top which is like the most beautiful top in the universe ever:

and this entire outfit but especially the retro tshirt and the red boots.

Also, it should be illegal for someone to be that hot and that skinny. If only I had legs like Keeley's sigh.

Maybe if I write another fan letter to Keeley she'll send me her outfits ;) Cough. But really.

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Ok so I finally finished reading Jane Eyre and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Let me just start off by explaining that I really don't have lots of love for 19th century fiction, unless its about the lower classes or a Russian novel lol, so for me to like Jane Eyre is pretty amazing. I think I enjoyed it so much because Jane wasn't a superfiicial character, she didn't live for marriage, she knew that there were flaws in her society and she didn't compromise her values for others. I don't know. I just really liked her character.

I know lots of people don't like the gothic elements, but I quite enjoyed that too, because it made a change from the predictable plot lines of other novels of that time and being a fantasy writer myself, it was just more interesting to me.

I also saw parallels between Jane Eyre and Emily of New Moon and The Secret Garden which I thought was interesting too.

Alice in Wonderland comes out soon and I'm unsure of wether to go in with no expectations or with some- because quite frankly the reviews I've read so far are either wildly positive (especially about Helena as the Red Queen!!! :) ) or wildly negative. And then of course, there are the people who I quite hate, who have a whinge about 'oh this movie would be good- if Burton casted different people,' or 'he is a talentless hack whose movies are boring.' (ok well then DONT WATCH THEM.) And you know what MAYBE HELENA IS THE PERFECT RED QUEEN- MAYBE SHE WAS BORN FOR THE PART. SHE COULD BE BRILLIANT LIKE THE EARLY REVIEWS SUGGEST AND PEOPLE WILL STILL HAVE A CRY. It just sucks. I mean really, give them all a break. Burton's films are always entertaining and visually beautiful- he dosent claim to be an intellctual maestro, so why do people expect that from his movies?

In other (less ranty news) I am reading Melanie Rawn's Ruins of Ambrai. I would enjoy this book alot more if two things happened:
- there was a character index because man has she got too many. I was glad when half of them died because at least then I had some hope of getting some characters straight.
- If I was convinced she was actually going to finish the series. The information so far that I've read seems to indicate that she won't, which makes me annoyed and angry. If you write a series FINISH IT. That is common decency. Otherwise get someone else to do it for you.

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YES GUYS!!! AUSTRALIANS FINALLY SAW THE FIRST PART! Here are my thoughts on it after a first watch...

ok, well I'll just start by saying that I wasn't expecting much. Many people online and otherwise had told me it was a rocky start.

It was with great surprise that I found myself really enjoying this episode. Sure, there was some pretty dodgy moments such as The Master's regeneration. I have to agree with whoever posted "The Master's wife didn't wipe her mouth since his death?" Alexandra Moen's performance came across as quite poor in my view, but I'm not sure if that's just because John Simm has such a screen presence that he overshadows everyone, and also the script there wasn't that great. "Till death do we part" Me: A beginner's drama student could have acted better than that! I also didn't really buy The Master's random head flashing to skull and back, or his sudden acquisition of super powers.

Having said that, I enjoyed what little we saw of Donna and Wilf and I felt that the scene in the coffee shop was emotional and poignant in the sort of touching way that only Doctor Who can pull off. It's moments like that that allow me to forgive the former RTD drivel.

John Simm as The Master was brilliant. I didn't think it was possible to get any more insane than season three's Harry Saxon turn, but this time I was actually very very scared of The Master- to the point where I wondered why I'd ever wanted to be in his fan girl posse. Of course, then he'd smile that maniac smile, that exudes pure sex and I remembered all over again. In fact, I would say that John Simm as The Master is second only to Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange for exuding effortless sexiness. A fellow HBC fan once described HBC as the Marla Singer of the Harry Potter world. Well, The Master is the male Marla Singer of the Doctor Who world. Even homeless, starving and captured, he's damn hot, and that crazy smile indicates he knows it too. I swear there were a couple of times where he looked at that millionarie's daughter quite laviciously, ditto in scenes with The Doctor.

Which brings me to my second fave scene after the coffee shop... The Doctor lying prostrate at The Master's feet and then The Master reminding him of Gallifrey and their time together as children and then putting his head against the Doctor's in this moment of almost loneliness which indicated that he too craved a bit of company. It was something straight out of a crack fan fic, and yet somehow it worked beautifully. For those who have spent their time trying to deny that weird chemistry between The Master and The Doctor in season three, I think the time of denial is over. That scene was even more blatant than the phone sex scene.

But enough on The Master.

Thoser two green aliens... wtf? I'll have to wait till next week to work out those two. Ditto to the white lady and Donna's part in all of this.

and finally... BARACK OBAMA BECOMES THE MASTER... "the economic plan is... oh sorry... deleted." (cue sexy smile) The Master jumps up and down clapping in a dress... just oh boy? I don't know what RTD was thinking but I was hysterical with laughter. Now that's some diablolical plan!!!

Finally (really this time): THE TIMELORDS ARE BACK... SQUEEEEEEE

Random extra thoughts:

- Rtd has watched too much Star Wars... indicated by the last scene with the time lords stolen straight out of The Senate in TAOTC

- How can I find someone so hot when they are clearly pathologically insane? Am I too, an evil Time Lord? I feel I must be. Pah I would have made a better wife than that wimp Lucy.

- The music was good as usual. yay for Murray Gold staying on for season five

- I wonder what Barack Obama thought of being turned into a pychotic madman? Did he frown at those impetuous Brits? Or was he laughing as much as I was?
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This is a rather random post but I felt the need to share this with someone.

Ok, well ever since Samantha Bond announced she was leaving the Bond franchise with Pierce Brosnan I have been rather devestated. I absolutely loved her as Moneypenny and I have spent the entire time since wondering who the flying f*** they are going to replace her with for the next leg of the franchise (don't even mention Judi Dench leaving or I may have a hysterical breakdown)... but just, I don't even know what it was about her. She just seemed to embody Moneypenny so well :/

Anyway, being quite bored and having far too much leisure time on my hands I looked up Keely Hawes from Ashes to Ashes on IMDB to see what other stuff she had been in (OMG SHE'S IN SPOOKS... goes to top of my bbc watching list) and anyway all of these IMDB'ers were discussing how she would make a great Moneypenny! It's true. She would!

I really shouldn't be so excited by this, but I've spent the last couple of years wracking my brains over Moneypenny. I can't even remember who I've suggested before- which indicates that they can't have been a good choice lol.

EDIT: It seems most of the Bond fans out there would be happy to see Keeley in the role... here's hoping whoever directs takes notice. Also people have been suggesting Bill Nighy for the role of Q- this would be so beyond cool, I have no words to describe it :P People also, rather oddly, in my view, have suggested Billie Piper for Moneypenny. In my opinion she is far too young for the role and would be a far better Bond girl- especially if she got to be a kick ass one ;)

In other News: I was reminded YET AGAIN of how awesome Helena and Tim Burton are as a couple. They just live their lives as normally as they possibly can and are down to earth and funny and really truly seem to try to do whats best for their kids :)


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