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You follow a Spooks link to a website on the new eight part tv series entitled World Without End because Peter Firth has been cast in it and discover Miranda Richardson's gorgeous face on your screen and then get excited because this lovely lady hasn't been in anything substantial in like forever (and yes I am aware of Made in Dagenham) and frankly is far, far more exciting a cast edition than Peter Firth... after all who could ever forget Queen Mab in Merlin or the chillingly cold mother in Wah Wah or the stepmother in Sleepy Hollow or Manda scarring me for life as a kid in Chicken Run or THREE PARTS AT ONCE IN SPIDER. THREE. MIRANDA RICHARDSON SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN AN OSCAR THAT YEAR I TELL YOU.

Also, when you remember Helena Bonham Carter has been cast in Great Expectatons as Ms Havisham and might even be up for the Tom Hooper movie version of Les Miserables as Madame Thernadier. Life doesn't get any better...
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My brother and I have often discussed how they would go about doing this. The BBC would have to do it of course, American accents would destroy the credibility of a Celtic/Gaelic inspired world just a tad. They might have a bit of a problem with the magic and the sex, but no doubt they'd manage.

for some reason I always imagine the younger Jill as looking like Kiera Knightley with short blond hair (like in Bend it like Beckham). I have no idea of who would play Rhodry and Salamandar though. and Nevyn, haha, he'd be absolutely destroyed if Michael Gambon played him (loathe that guy as Dumbledore). It's the type of production that would work with lots and lots of unknowns, though of course if I was directing/casting I'd want John Simm and Billie Piper in there somewhere, and Helena.... especially Helena, though none of the characters suit her at all. Miranda Richardson for Lady Merodda for sure, it's about time she got a decent role again.

One thing's for sure... they'd need a darn good scriptwriter... but then it is the BBC, they seem to pick all the good ones up.

In other News: The Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack is really good. The Tim Burton/Danny Elfman dream team have done it again, now onwards to Alice. I have a sneaking suspicion it might be another Elfman musical, and trust me that's a good thing!

In fact, Danny Elfman could write the perfect Deverry score. I see it now, the sweeping choir, the beautiful strings and the epic action music for battles.


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