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I've been meaning to write Spooks meta forever but I kept putting it off because I have so much to say, not all of which is complimentary. I love Spooks as a show (most of the time), I love the characters, the actors and the whole "spying thing." I based the title for this post off Neil Gaiman's 'The Problem of Susan': a critical response to C.S.Lewis' treatment of Susan Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia. This is because I believe as a writer that critical engagement with a text is important.

In a later post, I will look back and highlight things that have been problematic for Spooks for awhile now (circa s4 and 5) but first I really think I need to deal with Spooks, series nine as myself and [livejournal.com profile] the_silverdoe keep spamming up our flist's entries with random Nine Meta and I feel sorry for my poor flist.

There has been so much fandom wank over series nine. So much so that it is very difficult to have an opinion on the matter anywhere but your own blog. It was this wankery that had me leave the forums due to refusal to allow alternative opinions and fan silencing. I was labelled weird things like "intellectual snob" for pointing out the very obvious... "Lucas and John SAY WHAT?" But the thing is, I'm not one to be silenced and I feel like if I just write this all out I will feel alot better and stop annoying everyone with my meta left, right and centre.

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Strike Back aired last night (Saturday) on ABC1 at 8:30. Armitage thoughts under cut:

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So flist what do you all think of RA? of Strike Back if you saw it? Of Robin Hood? I am happy because I just made a tag for RA ;)


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