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I am re-watching Doctor Who New Who series 1-7 and generally love festing and reminiscing. Please join me! Though I prefer Moffat era Who, I want to do my best to find things to love about all of New Who as frankly, I am tired of the endless negativity. If I genuinely detest an episode, I will use my license to mock and try to be good natured about my dislike. Please comment if you like with this philosophy in mind :)

Rose by RTD

Rose )

The End of the World by RTD

The End of the World )

The Unquiet Dead by Mark Gatiss

The Unquiet Dead )

I have not rewatched the RTD era since The End of Time aired because of how much I hated it. It is great fun to rewatch when I can't remember half the episodes :)
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In a word it was terrible. Everything that RTD generally gets wrong was done wrong here. In fact I think this is the worst episode of New Who I've seen since Donna and the Adipose at the beginning of season four. Actually. No. Fuck it. This is the worst episode of New Who yet. And that's really saying something- hello Shirley Henderson episode.
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*Note to self, learn from this Christmas special. Make sure that when you edit you're novel, you don't make the same mistakes as Russel.

When writing,

1. Have consistent character development. If you're character seems to be acting in a way that is at odds with the rest of the book, it dosen't work.
2. Don't be afraid to kill characters off or have some sad endings. Don't bring characters back to life because you suddenly think they'd make a good foil for X or because you think everyone loves happy endings. They don't. I know because I'm one of the ones who likes them sad and bittersweet.

3. Don't have all of the action happen all at once only to be resolved in a couple of pages. If this happens it probably means that the rest of your novel is full of filler. If it dosen't relate to a part of the plot, delete it.

4. Don't leave things unanswered unless there is PURPOSE in leaving things unanswered.

5. It is OK to have moral grey areas.
6. Have a story and stick with it. None of this one second its for kids, the next for adults, the next for teens. Don't write for the biggest possible audience, write for yourself, and let the novel/episode find its own audience.

7. Don't reuse the same cliche's over and over (Kit and The Horsekin I'm looking at you, oh and RTD of course with the recurring villains), the reader/viewer WILL get bored, and the suspense and fear of the adversary is lost.
Well that's all from me for now. Whew what a rant!
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I don't even know if this is really funny, but it's how I feel about The End of Time Part One.

My fellow Doctor Who fans... sit back, relax and enjoy (LOL) Now you know what yours truly does when she has far to much time on her hands.

A day in the BBC office:

BBC Execs: Look mate, it’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just that you’ve written some doozies. (Ticks on finger)
There was Love and Monsters, (everyone in the room shudders as RTD thinks ‘note to self never cast Shirley Henderson in anything again). There was those Daleks in Manhattan, and let’s not forget Doctor Jesus...

RTD: But, but, the fans know what they want, and they want me!

Audience: Nooo that would be David Tennant.

(Moffat tries not to look smug thinking about the superior Who scripts he’s written)

RTD: Ok, well maybe I’ve had my moments, but doesn’t everyone. I can’t be perfect all of the time. Trust me; this one is going to be great!!!

BBC Exec: Ok, well you did get the show off the ground, and you did write some good shiz like Utopia and The Parting of the Ways so we’ll trust you one more time. After all, it is your swansong, surely you wouldn’t cock this one up?

RTD: Thanks! This is going to be great! The biggest, boldest, loudest episode of New Who yet, complete with superfluous guest stars! I can just see the expressions on the fans faces already!
(BBC exec fidgets with worry. This was not his idea of a good Who episode at all. He had learnt from experience)

Narrator (Timothy Dalton): But RTD had already run gleefully out of the room, his glasses slightly askew, and thus Doctor Who: the End of Time was born...
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YES GUYS!!! AUSTRALIANS FINALLY SAW THE FIRST PART! Here are my thoughts on it after a first watch...

ok, well I'll just start by saying that I wasn't expecting much. Many people online and otherwise had told me it was a rocky start.

It was with great surprise that I found myself really enjoying this episode. Sure, there was some pretty dodgy moments such as The Master's regeneration. I have to agree with whoever posted "The Master's wife didn't wipe her mouth since his death?" Alexandra Moen's performance came across as quite poor in my view, but I'm not sure if that's just because John Simm has such a screen presence that he overshadows everyone, and also the script there wasn't that great. "Till death do we part" Me: A beginner's drama student could have acted better than that! I also didn't really buy The Master's random head flashing to skull and back, or his sudden acquisition of super powers.

Having said that, I enjoyed what little we saw of Donna and Wilf and I felt that the scene in the coffee shop was emotional and poignant in the sort of touching way that only Doctor Who can pull off. It's moments like that that allow me to forgive the former RTD drivel.

John Simm as The Master was brilliant. I didn't think it was possible to get any more insane than season three's Harry Saxon turn, but this time I was actually very very scared of The Master- to the point where I wondered why I'd ever wanted to be in his fan girl posse. Of course, then he'd smile that maniac smile, that exudes pure sex and I remembered all over again. In fact, I would say that John Simm as The Master is second only to Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange for exuding effortless sexiness. A fellow HBC fan once described HBC as the Marla Singer of the Harry Potter world. Well, The Master is the male Marla Singer of the Doctor Who world. Even homeless, starving and captured, he's damn hot, and that crazy smile indicates he knows it too. I swear there were a couple of times where he looked at that millionarie's daughter quite laviciously, ditto in scenes with The Doctor.

Which brings me to my second fave scene after the coffee shop... The Doctor lying prostrate at The Master's feet and then The Master reminding him of Gallifrey and their time together as children and then putting his head against the Doctor's in this moment of almost loneliness which indicated that he too craved a bit of company. It was something straight out of a crack fan fic, and yet somehow it worked beautifully. For those who have spent their time trying to deny that weird chemistry between The Master and The Doctor in season three, I think the time of denial is over. That scene was even more blatant than the phone sex scene.

But enough on The Master.

Thoser two green aliens... wtf? I'll have to wait till next week to work out those two. Ditto to the white lady and Donna's part in all of this.

and finally... BARACK OBAMA BECOMES THE MASTER... "the economic plan is... oh sorry... deleted." (cue sexy smile) The Master jumps up and down clapping in a dress... just oh boy? I don't know what RTD was thinking but I was hysterical with laughter. Now that's some diablolical plan!!!

Finally (really this time): THE TIMELORDS ARE BACK... SQUEEEEEEE

Random extra thoughts:

- Rtd has watched too much Star Wars... indicated by the last scene with the time lords stolen straight out of The Senate in TAOTC

- How can I find someone so hot when they are clearly pathologically insane? Am I too, an evil Time Lord? I feel I must be. Pah I would have made a better wife than that wimp Lucy.

- The music was good as usual. yay for Murray Gold staying on for season five

- I wonder what Barack Obama thought of being turned into a pychotic madman? Did he frown at those impetuous Brits? Or was he laughing as much as I was?
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Well I liked it. I went in expecting a mixed bag reaction because alot of people said it was a bit of a hit and miss episode. However, I personally think it was the best New Who episode I've seen since River Song made her entrance and since Turn Left aired (the following two parter after that I am not a fan of and the Easter special to be frank... rather sucked).

I thought that the acting was strong, the music was good, as was the production. I will admit that I found it a little hard to adjust to the Aussie guy at first, just because an Australian accent when juxtoposed against english ones is VERY VERY different (bdw I am Australian lol) but I liked his character enough that I cared when he died.

This episode really reminded me that less is often more (much as the case was with Midnight). The story itself was fairly simple, and we never even found out what the infection was really caused by (or maybe we did but I need a rewatch), and the first half was more of a thriller format where one by one a member of the team was caught by the infection. However, the episode was good (to me) because it focussed on the DRAMA and the CHARACTERISATION. eg Adelaide listening to her sister? at the start of the episode talk about her child, Adelaide and The Doctor discussing fixed point in time and the future for her family.

And then The Doctor's insane moment. I knew that was coming from reading spoilers (will I ever learn?) and man I was still freaked out. I guess because The Doctor has always been the protagonist and always had someone with him to keep him sensible, it made this moment even scarier because for four seasons he's been (relatively) fine with what he does. Him calling human insignificant people and telling Adelaide "tough" when she said he shouldn't be changing time, wow it was just chilling and his comment of "I AM THE TIMELORD VICTORIOUS"... um has he been taking lessons in egotism from The Master? It was scary but great and a welcome special that definitely made me excited for the two parter to come (though I will admit to being a little fearful of The Doctor in the next episode :P)

Random Thoughts on The Waters of Mars:

- The "gadget, gadget" robot indicates to me that RTD has been watching far too much Star Wars ;)

- "I'm Doctor.... fun" The Doctor wishes he was Doctor Fun anyway. Oh the irony in that statement, especially given the ending of the episode

- I liked the way the BBC had the members of the Mars team from varying countries... we have to be politically correct of course, we can't have Britain going all imperial on us, implying they'd land on Mars first ;) What countries did I see... England, Germany, Pakistan, Australia, Russia (or somewhere thereabouts), America. Did anyone spot where the others were from?

- Replaying the conversation with The Doctor to Martha and Jack from the Season Three finale amongst burning flames was a nice touch. It reminded me simaltaneously of The Master burning and the sadness The Doctor still feels about Gallifrey having been completely destroyed, leaving him the last of a once great race.

- Did anyone else get reminded of Calypso from Pirates of The Carribean with the actress playing Maggie? Maybe I'm just a weirdo?


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