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So the UK VISA saga continues...

I kept getting conflicting information and so I've given up. I've booked a flight to Ireland for August 10th, and I'm staying there till August 28th. Then I'm doing a tour of Italy, then a tour of Germany, Austria and Poland, and then I enter the UK the 1st of October under Tier Four VISA guidlines.

I've paid $8000 Australian to do all that. Dear Lord. That's like, practically all of my savings and I've booked flights and everything.

Here's the hitch.

The UK VISA can only be backdated up to 3 months before I enter the UK. I enter the UK the 1st of October. Three months back from there is July. Therefore I cannot apply for a VISA till then. *sigh* Why do they make this so difficult? And if I apply the 1st of July that means I'm relying on the Canberra Consulate to get my VISA to me by the 10th of August.

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to have to push my flight back?

This VISA stuff is the pits. It's enough to make me want to go watch an episode of Spooks Ruth/Harry.
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For those on my flist who don't know/don't remember or are thinking hey you never blogged it so how could I know? I am going on exchange to England next university semester. So I finally got my acceptance email into Lancaster University. You would think that it would be all smooth sailing from there, but no, VISA's are hell and really mess with your travel plans.

According to British government website: yes I need a VISA. Do they tell me what type. No.

So then I ring the British Consulate in Canberra. Random woman there tells me I need a basic VISA because I'm Australian National. She then tells me that because I can only enter Britain 2 weeks before the course starts in October, I can get around this by going to Britain, leaving the country before October, to go to say Ireland or France, then reenter in October for my course.

This makes me more confused then before so I email my university frantically. VISA advice lady there tells me yes I do need a VISA, but its only a student visitor one valid for 6 months and that yes I can travel and no I don't need to come in and out of Britain at all. Yay I think, problem solved.

Then I go to STA to get quotes on flights and man there tells me that no I can't enter Britain more than 2 weeks before my course starts and wtf are the British on anyway and I will have to travel around Ireland or France or Europe before my course starts.

Got that flist? Isn't it crystal clear how I must travel? I didn't think so either.

Bloody Poms and their Bloody VISAS.

In other news: I got one ticket to see John Simm in Hamlet october 16th. I am excited. I bought my ticket for a Saturday when I'm in uni session so that the VISA confusion won't stuff me around. I will definitely blog about his performance. Because he is John Simm and The Master and awesome (see icon).
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Hey guys, so I'm back from Fiji and what a trip it twas! The cyclone had hit the Yasawas two months before we arrived so alot of the islanders were still sleeping outdoors or in ramshackled bure's because the military government has claimed that it "cannot afford to help the islanders because they don't have enough money." The chief's brother rolled his eyes angrily when he explained this to us. Earning a dollar a day is considered good and there is 38% unemployment across Fiji. The trip really made me realise just how good us Westerners have got things despite our complaining.

In other news, I went and bought Ashes to Ashes season two for my family yesterday. The woman in the ABC shop wasn't the usual nice lady and she tried to claim, without batting an eyelid, that "ahhh it's going cheap at $56" Me (in my head) WTF DO YOU TAKE ME FOR?

I really shouldn't enjoy this series as much as I do, after all it has lost most of the spark of Life On Mars, and yet somehow when I watch it, I forget that. Truly, its better than most of the crap on TV and LOm is a somewhat hard act to follow. Though how they will wrap up season three so that it dosen't compromise LOM's ending or copy it or even beat it dramatically I don't know. That was the best ending I have ever seen in a TV show ever! But back to Gene and Alex, I started off hating Alex Drake and poor Keeley Hawes, whose only crime was not being John Simm, but the damned bitch sucked me in lol and I have now decided that I like her enough to watch season one of Spooks. Besides, if I'm honest with myself I know she's a good actress, and alot of the problems with season one were more to do with the script than with her acting... and on top of all of that, just like Sam and Annie in LOM I really want to see Gene and Alex admit they love each other.

Part One of the End of Time airs here in fucking February!!!!!! The ABC are bastards.

I'm onto the last 100 pages of The Silver Mage by Katharine Kerr, the last in her Deverry Saga and sad to say I am so disappointed its not funny. The Horsekin should have been ditched after The Fire Dragon or fleshed out properly and the dark dweomer explored in more detail and Salamandar given a proper past life. It also dosen't help that I've never liked Dallandra- who in my opinion is a bit of a cold hearted bitch, and she has really become a main character in the last four books. On top of this Sidro has been sidelined, I sense an unsatisfying ending for Laz Moj and Salamandar and about the only character I still have hope for is Rhodry. Why Kit? Why did you do this to me?

Oh well, at least she hasn't gone the Harry Potter route of killing off characters pointlessly and presumably writing the book under the influence of crack. i mean Dumbledore gay? really? and this was necessary to the story how and characterised how exactly? HP has a freaking immortality stone so that when Voldie kills him he is alive in heavan at freaking Kings Cross Station? I mean really J K? Really? And let's not even mention the shita-logue which really was the last straw for me.

My angry ranting is over. But unless Kit has some all inspiring ending, I'll be finishing all future re reads at The Fire Dragon (which in my opinion with some small extra pages added, could have sufficiently been the series end)

No offence intended by my scathing remarks to my fellow LJ friends, but a girl has got to rant somewhere ;)

ps: Many thanks to Xafirah for the lovely A2A icons!!! I snagged a couple (obviously) and their beautiful!


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