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I slept over at my best friend's house and we watched Coraline. Thoughts under cut:

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Helena Bonham Carter in Enid Review

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The other day the BBC tele movie Skellig was on the ABC and I of course had to watch for John Simm.

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Nicola in the radio play Bad Memories reviewed under this link:

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Nicola in the ITV mini series The Last Train under this link (She's not doing so well on my blog today :P):

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Anyone into Marion Zimmer Bradley? I'm not. Reasons below cut.

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Whew and finished. I still have to watch Helena in Toast, rewatch Nicola in L&O and do Ashes to Ashes series three write ups eventually. Stay tuned ;)
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In a word it was terrible. Everything that RTD generally gets wrong was done wrong here. In fact I think this is the worst episode of New Who I've seen since Donna and the Adipose at the beginning of season four. Actually. No. Fuck it. This is the worst episode of New Who yet. And that's really saying something- hello Shirley Henderson episode.
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*Note to self, learn from this Christmas special. Make sure that when you edit you're novel, you don't make the same mistakes as Russel.

When writing,

1. Have consistent character development. If you're character seems to be acting in a way that is at odds with the rest of the book, it dosen't work.
2. Don't be afraid to kill characters off or have some sad endings. Don't bring characters back to life because you suddenly think they'd make a good foil for X or because you think everyone loves happy endings. They don't. I know because I'm one of the ones who likes them sad and bittersweet.

3. Don't have all of the action happen all at once only to be resolved in a couple of pages. If this happens it probably means that the rest of your novel is full of filler. If it dosen't relate to a part of the plot, delete it.

4. Don't leave things unanswered unless there is PURPOSE in leaving things unanswered.

5. It is OK to have moral grey areas.
6. Have a story and stick with it. None of this one second its for kids, the next for adults, the next for teens. Don't write for the biggest possible audience, write for yourself, and let the novel/episode find its own audience.

7. Don't reuse the same cliche's over and over (Kit and The Horsekin I'm looking at you, oh and RTD of course with the recurring villains), the reader/viewer WILL get bored, and the suspense and fear of the adversary is lost.
Well that's all from me for now. Whew what a rant!
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YES GUYS!!! AUSTRALIANS FINALLY SAW THE FIRST PART! Here are my thoughts on it after a first watch...

ok, well I'll just start by saying that I wasn't expecting much. Many people online and otherwise had told me it was a rocky start.

It was with great surprise that I found myself really enjoying this episode. Sure, there was some pretty dodgy moments such as The Master's regeneration. I have to agree with whoever posted "The Master's wife didn't wipe her mouth since his death?" Alexandra Moen's performance came across as quite poor in my view, but I'm not sure if that's just because John Simm has such a screen presence that he overshadows everyone, and also the script there wasn't that great. "Till death do we part" Me: A beginner's drama student could have acted better than that! I also didn't really buy The Master's random head flashing to skull and back, or his sudden acquisition of super powers.

Having said that, I enjoyed what little we saw of Donna and Wilf and I felt that the scene in the coffee shop was emotional and poignant in the sort of touching way that only Doctor Who can pull off. It's moments like that that allow me to forgive the former RTD drivel.

John Simm as The Master was brilliant. I didn't think it was possible to get any more insane than season three's Harry Saxon turn, but this time I was actually very very scared of The Master- to the point where I wondered why I'd ever wanted to be in his fan girl posse. Of course, then he'd smile that maniac smile, that exudes pure sex and I remembered all over again. In fact, I would say that John Simm as The Master is second only to Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange for exuding effortless sexiness. A fellow HBC fan once described HBC as the Marla Singer of the Harry Potter world. Well, The Master is the male Marla Singer of the Doctor Who world. Even homeless, starving and captured, he's damn hot, and that crazy smile indicates he knows it too. I swear there were a couple of times where he looked at that millionarie's daughter quite laviciously, ditto in scenes with The Doctor.

Which brings me to my second fave scene after the coffee shop... The Doctor lying prostrate at The Master's feet and then The Master reminding him of Gallifrey and their time together as children and then putting his head against the Doctor's in this moment of almost loneliness which indicated that he too craved a bit of company. It was something straight out of a crack fan fic, and yet somehow it worked beautifully. For those who have spent their time trying to deny that weird chemistry between The Master and The Doctor in season three, I think the time of denial is over. That scene was even more blatant than the phone sex scene.

But enough on The Master.

Thoser two green aliens... wtf? I'll have to wait till next week to work out those two. Ditto to the white lady and Donna's part in all of this.

and finally... BARACK OBAMA BECOMES THE MASTER... "the economic plan is... oh sorry... deleted." (cue sexy smile) The Master jumps up and down clapping in a dress... just oh boy? I don't know what RTD was thinking but I was hysterical with laughter. Now that's some diablolical plan!!!

Finally (really this time): THE TIMELORDS ARE BACK... SQUEEEEEEE

Random extra thoughts:

- Rtd has watched too much Star Wars... indicated by the last scene with the time lords stolen straight out of The Senate in TAOTC

- How can I find someone so hot when they are clearly pathologically insane? Am I too, an evil Time Lord? I feel I must be. Pah I would have made a better wife than that wimp Lucy.

- The music was good as usual. yay for Murray Gold staying on for season five

- I wonder what Barack Obama thought of being turned into a pychotic madman? Did he frown at those impetuous Brits? Or was he laughing as much as I was?
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Man am I one lucky bitch... look what I just found... I stopped breathing altogether... and Vampira I am so sorry, you were right and I was wrong about Hamlet!!!


John Simm to Play Hamlet at Sheffield's Crucible in Autumn 2010
By Mark Shenton
11 Dec 2009

John Simm is to play the title role of Hamlet in a new production at Sheffield's Crucible Theatre in September 2010, under the direction of Paul Miller. Simm, who completes a West End run in Speaking in Tongues at the Duke of York's Theatre Dec. 12, previously worked with the director on the West End run of Elling, which transferred from the Bush Theatre to the West End's Trafalgar Studios and for which he was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best Actor.


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Ok guys I am so freaking excited. SFX magazine did an interview with Alexandra Moen (Lucy saxon in season three of dr who) and asked for fan led questions to ask her. I asked wether or not she loved The Master and my question was selected to ask.

Here is her answer and boy am I happy to hear it (my fan fics are now not entirely wrong)

Do you think Lucy loves The Master? Or did he have some other hold over her?

“Did she love him? Definitely. She definitely loved him. I think she's a daddy's girl. And then the Master, who is very charismatic and became her husband, he chose her because she had the full package – the society girl – but she was also quite impressionable. So I think she definitely loved the Master."

so The Master's wife knows I exist and it seems like she herself is a Lucy/Master shipper. She also seems half in love with John Simm. I can't blame her.

This answer was great!

What does John Simm taste like?
Llama God

"Fantastic! Like peaches and cream!"

the link to the rest of the interview is here...

and apparently the saxon's met at a disco because they both liked dancing... according to AM it's why they married lol. Yep. We definitely are dealing with a Lucy/Master shipper. I lovett!
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till the first Doctor Who Christmas Special... I am far far too excited about this, but the suspense is killing me :P

Speaking of Doctor Who, in my essay post on fan fiction I mentioned that I was fairly certain that the BBC website actively encouraged fan fiction... I explored the Doctor Who website at the BBC and I was right lol... Russell T Davies, the actual main scriptwriter gives you instuctions on how to do it too. I lol'd.

I didn't understand what John Simm meant in an interview when he said that Doctor Who fans were a whole new level of crazy... but at last I do (maybe before I wasn't interested enough in the show).

Here's the proof :) How I wish i had done this during the Kevin 07 campaign. I might next election day ;)


and here's all the websites pertaining to said Saxon (all fan made but actively encouraged by the BBC- oh how I love them all)


http://www.votesaxon.org.uk/forum/ (it has its own freaking forum?)

http://www.zazzle.com.au/vote+saxon+gifts (HOLY CRAP AND MERCHANDISE?)

heck someone has even made Harry Saxon his own facebook site!!!

Now that IS fandom for you... now excuse me while I go post on the sfx website so I can ask Alexandra Moen if she saw any of this stuff going on during the actual Uk election and if so what she thought of it... apparently they are interviewing her next week and looking for fan questions. I liked her and her ambiguity in SOD/TLOTT... so ask I will :P yes I decided I liked this actress off two 40 minute episodes... I'm like that. besides, she had a bit part in an episode of Foyle's War... ANTHONY HOROWITZ WHOOOO (incidently he's coming to Australia for the sydney writer's festival... please, please, please, for the love of God do book signings and then I'll make you sign a copy of Foyle's War and I'll possibly be the only person in the line to ask him what he thinks of Michael Kitchen)

Random Note: Does deceiver of Fools by Within Temptation (my new latest obsession) remind anyone else of The Master?

He feeds on fear
He feeds on pain
He rules again
With growing hate
He will gain
Their faith again

No light in the darkness
Is too small to see
There's always a sparkle of hope
If you just believe

He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free

Plays with your mind

As faith for the future faded fast
He grows strong with their displeasure
It sets him free

Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
He rules with fear
Deceiver of hopes
Deceiver of fools
He rules again

He feeds on fear
Poisons the truth
To gain their faith
To lead the way
To a world of decay

Rules your heart

He'll sell your soul to the grave
Without a hesitation to make
He belongs to the dark


Please awake
And see the truth
He can only be
If you believe what he tells you
Remember who you are
What you stand for
And there will always be a way


In my heart there is a place
In my heart there is a trace
Of a small fire burning
A sheltering ray shines through this night
Although it's small, it's bright
But darkness is lurking

He will sell your soul to bitterness and cold
Oh fear him

Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
He rules with fear
Deceiver of hopes
Deceiver of fools
Shall he rule again?
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There's really only one sentence that needs to be said and its a Helena Bonham Carter quote from Live From Baghdad "well fuck me with a hot poker..."
well fuck me with a hot poker it is. I have no words to describe the mess that is my head right now. Ironically enough the only other time I have been this involved in a TV series was Life On Mars, also starring John Simm (fuck... that finale scarred me for life and changed the song forever. On my deathbed I will see the image of JS...)

This series had a very strong script, I liked that the characters were flawed in a realistic way and the interaction between the press, politics and corporations was very very disturbing/interesting. The ending I'm still piercing together (the 6 hours feels like 20 with all the info Paul Abbot chucked into this script) and I'm still working out how everything fits together, but I'm sure once I work it out I'll know it was good.

The acting was astounding. John Simm makes up for Crime and Punishment with this. I was completely convinced he was Cal McCaffrey and shudder to imagine Russel crowe in the same role. There's a couple of very strong scenes from JS, especially towards the end which are just indescribable. David Morrisey was every bit as astonishing as the rising MP. Bill Nighy was hilarious as usual, Kelly McDonald took a bit of accent adjusting but was mesmerising, especially as the story progressed, James McAvoy was both hot and amusing and Polly Walker... man Polly Walker, I have seen her in a grand total of 2 things, one being 1992's Enchanted April and the other being State of Play. Seriously, I might have loved John Simm and his powerhouse acting in this, but Polly Walker was EVEN better than John Simm. Coming from the obsessed fan girl that I am, that is really saying something.

Every scene she was in I was riveted. The raw emotion of her performance was just... the superlatives fail me. And when she first starts the affair with Cal... the acting power. Words completely fail me. I will stop rambling incoherently and keep praising.

the mini series was filmed in a very realistic way, the music was good, and the suspense kept going at a great pace.

I think this is one of the best dramas I have ever seen!!! I will be watching this one again and again I can tell you now. The next time I feel like writing a script, I'll know what to aspire to!


David Morissey and John Simm burning up the screen with their usual powerhouse acting


the YT scene with Polly Walker as Anne Collins which made me fall in love with said actress. What a brilliant scene, what great acting (from her and John Simm).
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I've always had this obsession with working out evil characters motivations for doing things, which is why even though I disagree with people who claim that Wicked is the greatest musical ever (that would be those written by the musical genius Stephan Sondheim) I do have to admit that the opening and closing songs of No one mourns the Wicked really have hold of something that not many people like to admit... which is basically that the world isn't black and white... but rather shades of grey.

the respective lyrics are here:

Let us be glad
Let us be grateful
Let us rejoicify that goodness could subdue
The wicked workings of you-know-who
Isn't it nice to know
That good will conquer evil?
The truth we all believe'll by and by
Outlive a lie
For you and -

No one mourns the Wicked

No one cries "They won't return!"

No one lays a lily on their grave

The good man scorns the Wicked!

Through their lives, our children learn

What we miss, when we misbehave:

And Goodness knows
The Wicked's lives are lonely
Goodness knows
The Wicked die alone
It just shows when you're Wicked
You're left only
On your own

Yes, Goodness knows
The Wicked's lives are lonely
Goodness knows
The Wicked cry alone
Nothing grows for the Wicked
They reap only
What they sow

and later on:

No one mourns the Wicked!
Now at last, she's dead and gone!
Now at last, there's joy throughout the land
And Goodness knows
We know what Goodness is
Goodness knows
The Wicked die alone

She died alone

Woe to those (Woe to those)
Who spurn what Goodnesses
They are shown
No one mourns the Wicked

now having taken out all the superfluous stuff that relates to the Wicked Witch and other characters in the actual musical, this song could pretty much apply to every well written evil character under the sun. I love this song so much, I love the irony involved and how in the finale there's one choir who is overjoyed that the witch is dead, and how the second choir is quietly mournful, seeming to say, "No one mourns the wicked" even as they know that in real life, there is always someone left to mourn.

Now when I say well written evil characters I'm not talking Sauron from LOTR say who is just evil for the sake of it, but rather evil characters that are given some sort of reason for their evilness.

and some examples of evil characters who are loved despite their evilness...

evil people can be loved... (this is the guy who destroyed one tenth of the world's population, imprisoned The Doctor and abused his wife) and yet the Doctor is ABSOLUTELY shattered that he is dying!!!

and mourned for... (I still get a bit emotional remembering this scene) You know its serious when a male is crying...

and from Sweeney Todd...

Toby loves Mrs Lovett and even kills Sweeney in revenge for his murder of her (this is despite knowing she is an evil bitch who willingly took part in murder to cook bodies in pies, and who would have killed Toby himself) again proving... people mourn the Wicked.

Other examples...

Mab and Merlin in Hallmark's Merlin (Mab pretty much destroys everything Merlin loves and he still is sad when she dies)

Various characters in KK's Deverry saga

Darth Vadar in the Star Wars prequels

and others that I will add when I think of them...
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I got Mum a three disc set of the best of Bowie but going through three cd's was annoying, especially when we liked songs spread across the CD's so I put our faves on itunes and burnt a new best of bowie (or at least what we thought was the best) and then I got to thinking about how nearlly ALL of Bowie's songs are amazing so i thought i'd try to pick my top 10 (this was so freaking hard). but anyway, here's my top 10 list in no particular order except for the first two.

1. Life On Mars (because of a certain iconic moment in the TV show that made me feel like i'd been hit by a ten tonne truck and as a result that scene will never leave my head EVER.
2. Ashes to Ashes: because of Alex Drake lol
3. Starman
4. Ziggy Stardust
5. The Jean Genie
6. Under Pressure (with Queen)
7. Modern Love
8. The man who sold the world
9. Aladdin Sane
10. Young Americans

shit that was tough

My new found music interest is Within Temptation. They wrote a song about Jill and Nevyn called Jillian (I'd give my heart). The YT link is here with lyrics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2xrInkRT_w

I liked it alot at first but now for various reasons I'm a bit over it. The over epicness is a bit wearying after a couple of listens. However, I'm loving Utopia (reminds me of the Dr who episode of the same name), The Howling, Mother Earth, The Swan Song and Our Solemn Hour (really amazing! love this one to bits). If you like alternative music, I'd highly reccommend this band :)

and i'm still loving the amazing Emilie Autumn. Opheliac has to be lyrics of pure genius, especially the "intelligent girls are more depressed..." part. What if (Celtic version) is beautiful and reminds me of Bellyra and Maryn, as does Castle Down. The single Chambermaid reminds me of Lillorigga and Maryn actually. But out of all of EA's accomplishments, I'd have to say both Shalott and Rose Red are the most beautiful and the most amazing!

besides who dosen't love gothic, vicotrian industrial, fantasy rock violinists?

In other news: I think I'm addicted to Grace Kelly by Mika: I happily imagine The Master dancing around like a maniac to it :P the whole intro of "I wanna talk to you"
"The last time we talked, you reduced me to tears, I promise it won't happen again..." bit reminds me of Lucy and The Master.

They're going through the intro right there lol
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Yes, this was possibly the worst book to film adaptation I've seen in awhile. John Simm, for a guy that only goes with good scripts, this was a mistake, but then I suppose you wanted to play a mad man. The opportunity was too great to be missed.

and as if this didn't destroy the crediability enough, you make everything in St Petersburg as quintessentially english as possible. eg Porfiry continuously drinking tea. oh and it didn't help that Porfiry was played by Ian McDiarmind- he of Senator Palpatine fame. my friend and I kept expecting him to say to Raskalnikov, "Come to the Dark side of the force!"

ok, so once we got over how crap the casting was and the fact that everyone in Russia apparently had dialect british accents, the script ruined the rest of the film. eg John Simm continuously saying, "anyway," "shit" and "bugger" They really didn't use those words in the 19th century love. I think the funniest line was probably the one about "Sonia being the genuine article," in the most Simmian accent possible. My friend and I exploded into laughter.

By part 2, paying out the programme and saying how much better the actual novel was (yes I have read it) was getting boring so we changed tack to reimagining the film as a musical. Hilarity ensued.

eg when Raskalnikov tells Sonia the pawnbroker deserved to die, we imagined a rousing chorus of "she had it coming, she had it coming, she only had herself to blame, if you'd have been there, if you'd of seen it, I betcha you would have done the same!"
Now John Simm doing the cell block tango is something I'd pay good money to see lol.

or when Raskalnikov tells his Mum he had to leave I couldn't help but add in "I'm sorry mama, I never meant to hurt chu, I never meant to make chu cry, but tonight I'm cleaning out my closet." (haha JS rapping. Also would pay money to see)

But I think the best part was coming up with the finale, when Sonia and Raskalnikov are sitting next to each other lovingly in Siberia (apparently Siberia is an idyllic sunny place where prisoners idle their time away under trees) and my friend started singing 'I say a little prayer for you" The whole cast could have come out and joined in!

So the actual movie itself would get maybe 2 out of 5, but Crime and Punishment the musical: 5 outta 5 for sure.

Though I have to admit, even as a crazy mad man, I was still convinced JS really just needed a hug and he'd be fine.

that is a man in serious need of a hug :)

In other news I had an epiphany about my story today which will make it a whole lot better. Unfortunately, this means rewriting whole sections again... and joy of joys... a damn sequel. So much for simply writing a 1500 word ramble.
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from Life on Mars, Season 2

Gene: what do you think I DO in my office all day?
Sam: I dunno... build a Deathstar?

well I lol'd

In other news: so I've FINALLY worked out how to use an lj- cut. I find it quite hilarious that other randoms instructions on here made more sense than LJ's own FAQ did :P Now to work out how to LJ cut in rich text lol
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The Yellow House starring John Simm is on tonight in Australia on ABC1 at 10:15pm. It's about Vincent Van Gough in his most productive and also most disturbed era. Looks good. Ok, ok 'm just saying that coz I have an obsession with the powerhouse actor that is JS. But to whoever reads this from Auz... go watch it, tape it, whatever. It's gonna be great!!!


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