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Has anyone else heard about Booker prize winner, Hilary Mantel's, controversial speech on Royal Bodies, presented for the London Review of Books? I saw it yesterday in my twitter feed and clicked on it out of interest. As someone coming to it as a cultural historian, as a writer and as someone who comes from a country that has little love left for the British monarchy, it is one of the most interesting and complex speeches I have read in an age; criticising the symbiotic relationship between royals, a country's people and the media. Mantel calls attention to the myth that a royal title evokes, the role that must be performed in accordance with that myth and the ways that the media especially, simaltaenously depersonalise and exult the royal body as an object, not as a person. Coming at it from a feminist bent, she examines the ways that women, particularly queen's, have been valued in the royal myth, with a small section discussing Princess Diana and Princess Catherine (Kate Middleton). Mantel dares to question the UK's image of Royal woman, asking why it is in an era of so called feminist success, that we value Kate only for her body- her youth, her beauty and her child bearing ability? Not only does she question our ideals of womanhood, she also (rather subtly it must be said) questions the entire institution of British royalty.

The link is here:


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This film is in my top 5 favourite films list. Maybe it's the way that Donnie Darko pre-empts Life on Mars and the question of humanity's self imposed modern dislocation from being "alive", maybe it's the sharp commentary on our society, maybe its the way Donnie acts in ways that remind me of my brother, and I like the honesty of that, maybe it's the astonishing performances from everyone involved (though bonus points to Drew Barrymore and Mary McDonnell), maybe it's the genre mish mash of horror meets sci fi fantasy meets teen angst, maybe it's the beautiful brooding way the film is shot, maybe it's the way the suspense is built up until the stunning ending, maybe it's Mad World all by itself or maybe it is all of these things combined.

One of the things that often comes up with this film, is the Director's Cut versus the cincematic release. Many fans argue that the original release allowed for more ambiguity and that this is of more value than the Cut version as it allows us to make up our own minds about Frank and the events that he precipitated. This is undeniably true. But for me personally, I have always liked the Cut version more. Or at least; it doesn't bother me in the same way others are bothered by it

There are a number of reasons for this.

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What's your opinion of Donnie Darko? Which version do you like better? Why?
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My love affair with HBC continues...

Pics under the cut for images of her as Miss Havisham in Great Expectations and Julia in Dark Shadows. Both come out in 2012. I. am. excited.

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Who likes Helena on my flist? Excited for any of her up and coming films? Tell me about them!

ps: Looks like she is confirmed for Madame Thernadier in Les Miserables. YES. SQUEE!!!!!!

Disney Love

Nov. 8th, 2011 09:27 pm
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I finished my take home exam for history today and am now onto my notes for my politics exam next week. Wish me luck!

I was browsing tumblr (as you do) and someone mentioned how one of their favourite Disney movies was Hercules. It had been awhile but I knew I loved it as a child. Anyway after a quick YT search I found this


So flist, what Disney song is your favourite? The one that still fills you with childish delight? Link me in the comments :)

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I've done it! Read The Hobbit, LOTR and The Silmarillion in a row.

Reviews (ish) under cut link (well these are re-reads):

The Hobbit )

Onwards to LOTR- I also watched all three movies just to be thorough because I'm weird like that also they are amazing movies

may this be a light in the darkness, when all other lights have gone out )

The Silmarillion tells the tale of the First and Second Age and is a rather hard read. I saw it as more of an appendices to LOTR and The Hobbit than a book in its own right.

because thou hast broken the law of the Lord, thou shalt never be King )

But the most powerful part of this story for me was always that of The Hobbit's. To quote Galadrial "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." A good moral. A good moral indeed.

Have you read any of these? Or seen the movies? What did you think?
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I've been meaning to write Spooks meta forever but I kept putting it off because I have so much to say, not all of which is complimentary. I love Spooks as a show (most of the time), I love the characters, the actors and the whole "spying thing." I based the title for this post off Neil Gaiman's 'The Problem of Susan': a critical response to C.S.Lewis' treatment of Susan Pevensie in the Chronicles of Narnia. This is because I believe as a writer that critical engagement with a text is important.

In a later post, I will look back and highlight things that have been problematic for Spooks for awhile now (circa s4 and 5) but first I really think I need to deal with Spooks, series nine as myself and [livejournal.com profile] the_silverdoe keep spamming up our flist's entries with random Nine Meta and I feel sorry for my poor flist.

There has been so much fandom wank over series nine. So much so that it is very difficult to have an opinion on the matter anywhere but your own blog. It was this wankery that had me leave the forums due to refusal to allow alternative opinions and fan silencing. I was labelled weird things like "intellectual snob" for pointing out the very obvious... "Lucas and John SAY WHAT?" But the thing is, I'm not one to be silenced and I feel like if I just write this all out I will feel alot better and stop annoying everyone with my meta left, right and centre.

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Spoilers for series eight and nine under cut :)

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So flist do you have any Spooks fan fic canon that is now irrevocable fact in your head even if the show has never agreed with you? Tell me all about it :)
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I will write a proper Big Bang review when my brain is stitched back together off the floor.

Thoughts on River mixed with literature under the cut:

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On Fandom

Jun. 4th, 2010 10:57 am
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Ok first off, I've defriended the Doctor Who comm because I am so sick and tired of the Amy whinging that is going on along with the Moffat is a sexist writer and I want RTD back bullshit.

So first off I am going to state here, on my lj, my biases. I believe that if anything Moffat is feminist when he writes Dr Who, and that is obvious regardless of his personal views in interviews which may come across as sexist. I have already gone on at great length about how Amy and River are both feminist characters and I am not going through it all again.

One thing that I really feel the need to point out though, is the double standard that is going on here because RTD wrote some very sexist endings for all three of his companions. Before I start I want to make some things clear;

1. I loved Rose to bits mainly because I loved the way Billie acted to bits
2. Martha is my favourite companion other than Amy
3. I don't love or hate Donna
4. I enjoyed many RTD episodes of new who and this is not an RTD bash.

Thoughts on sexism in the RTD era under cut link for spoilers to all four season finales and the Christmas specials

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Onwards to Spooks.

Ok. I think that I now love Ruth Evershed more than I even love Riversong or Alex Drake. River and Alex are who I wish I'd be when I'm in my 30's, but Ruth is who I am, or at least who I'm heading towards. In fact, I would argue that Ruth is one of the most realistic female characters I have seen on TV ever.

Note: I would also like to add that whichever author from deepgenre who claimed that if you turned down the sound on a tv program you could tell it was just actors acting and responding to cues, you are so wrong and are clearly not watching the correct programs. Nicola Walker, I really cannot express how much I love you, but you act so realistically that I feel like Ruth is a real person, sound or no sound. To demonstrate however, how wrong that authors sentiment was, I would also like to add that I watched a Martha Jones episode of Dr Who with the sound off and the acting was still realistic. Clearly this author needs to watch herself some BBC.

Anyway back to Spooks. Last time I blogged at the end of season four, the amount of people who had left the show in whatever heartbreaking way and were main characters had gone up to 7. Yeah, well I'm onto episode three of season five, and that number has gone up to 8. The person who left was a great character too. I liked him alot. Now I know why there were so many anguished imdb fans talking about him :(


Harry: If I were to go on a holiday, I'd go to Paris.
Ruth: No New York! Where's your sense of Atlanticism?
Harry: Where's your sense of romanticism? (stares at Ruth intently)

Also when he asked her out, Nicola Walker's expressions were priceless. I repeat: I love her muchly.


Harry: would you like to have dinner one night?
Ruth: I'm, I'm sorry?

Harry: Dinner?

oh my that expression :)

and that one...

That sequence of expressions is priceless. Anyway so is this (after she says yes)

Ok, sorry for the screencap spam but my squee is great right now :P I love Ruth and Nicola Walker!
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I've written 1000 words of my 2000 word essay! Yay? That means I can post here :)

So I realise I haven't blogged at all for Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone or Vampires in Venice... so I'm going to do it now... all at once.

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Well that's me done for the moment. Any theories on how this is all going to end?
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I apologise to the people who were subjected to me going Molly Weasley in the last couple of days. It happens. I take after my Mum, or Anne of Green Gables. Or both. I'm the type of person who feels things way too much and analyses way too much and gets upset easily when people disappoint me, and then gets kinda red headed mad, and then get over it and feels better and moves on.

I kind of like it actually. It means I forgive pretty quick after my initial bout of bad temper, but it does mean I turn into a fire breathing dragon for a bit :P It also explains why I wish I'd known Anne. She is me. I am her. (I also wish I could meet Julie Walters. Because she's Molly Weasley. And because she's heck cool, and because we could have Harry Potter howler matches together and it would be fun :) )

It does mean that if I ever am published I will need a bloody good agent :P Otherwise I might do an Anne and piss off the proverbial Mrs Lynde.

Which brings me to what I want to talk about. Books. Because books make me happy, especially L.M. Montgomery books. The question I have for you is why are these books so not taught more. Why is Rilla of Ingleside so under appreciated? That book is seriously the best account of the WW1 home front since... since ever?

Under cutlink for reams of stuff :)

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In other news: all of this fan fiction negativity makes me want to write a River/Doctor fan fic. It will happen. I promise you all :P
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I posted this annonymously for my feminist theory class online but I thought I'd pop it here for some interesting discussion. Under cut link for bloody long list of thoughts :P

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This is really only happening for two reasons;

a) because I want to share my master playlist with [livejournal.com profile] blackpearl_phan

and because

b) lets face it. Sometime between last year and this year I became an insane Whovian fan. You know, one of those scary ones, who will probably be a Who fan for life and go around trying to convert the world.

Master Playlist )

I also wanted to talk briefly about The Beast Below and some thoughts I've had about the difference between season five and earlier seasons if anyone cares... lol

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Ok so I finally finished reading Jane Eyre and to my surprise I really enjoyed it. Let me just start off by explaining that I really don't have lots of love for 19th century fiction, unless its about the lower classes or a Russian novel lol, so for me to like Jane Eyre is pretty amazing. I think I enjoyed it so much because Jane wasn't a superfiicial character, she didn't live for marriage, she knew that there were flaws in her society and she didn't compromise her values for others. I don't know. I just really liked her character.

I know lots of people don't like the gothic elements, but I quite enjoyed that too, because it made a change from the predictable plot lines of other novels of that time and being a fantasy writer myself, it was just more interesting to me.

I also saw parallels between Jane Eyre and Emily of New Moon and The Secret Garden which I thought was interesting too.

Alice in Wonderland comes out soon and I'm unsure of wether to go in with no expectations or with some- because quite frankly the reviews I've read so far are either wildly positive (especially about Helena as the Red Queen!!! :) ) or wildly negative. And then of course, there are the people who I quite hate, who have a whinge about 'oh this movie would be good- if Burton casted different people,' or 'he is a talentless hack whose movies are boring.' (ok well then DONT WATCH THEM.) And you know what MAYBE HELENA IS THE PERFECT RED QUEEN- MAYBE SHE WAS BORN FOR THE PART. SHE COULD BE BRILLIANT LIKE THE EARLY REVIEWS SUGGEST AND PEOPLE WILL STILL HAVE A CRY. It just sucks. I mean really, give them all a break. Burton's films are always entertaining and visually beautiful- he dosent claim to be an intellctual maestro, so why do people expect that from his movies?

In other (less ranty news) I am reading Melanie Rawn's Ruins of Ambrai. I would enjoy this book alot more if two things happened:
- there was a character index because man has she got too many. I was glad when half of them died because at least then I had some hope of getting some characters straight.
- If I was convinced she was actually going to finish the series. The information so far that I've read seems to indicate that she won't, which makes me annoyed and angry. If you write a series FINISH IT. That is common decency. Otherwise get someone else to do it for you.

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This is a rather random post but I felt the need to share this with someone.

Ok, well ever since Samantha Bond announced she was leaving the Bond franchise with Pierce Brosnan I have been rather devestated. I absolutely loved her as Moneypenny and I have spent the entire time since wondering who the flying f*** they are going to replace her with for the next leg of the franchise (don't even mention Judi Dench leaving or I may have a hysterical breakdown)... but just, I don't even know what it was about her. She just seemed to embody Moneypenny so well :/

Anyway, being quite bored and having far too much leisure time on my hands I looked up Keely Hawes from Ashes to Ashes on IMDB to see what other stuff she had been in (OMG SHE'S IN SPOOKS... goes to top of my bbc watching list) and anyway all of these IMDB'ers were discussing how she would make a great Moneypenny! It's true. She would!

I really shouldn't be so excited by this, but I've spent the last couple of years wracking my brains over Moneypenny. I can't even remember who I've suggested before- which indicates that they can't have been a good choice lol.

EDIT: It seems most of the Bond fans out there would be happy to see Keeley in the role... here's hoping whoever directs takes notice. Also people have been suggesting Bill Nighy for the role of Q- this would be so beyond cool, I have no words to describe it :P People also, rather oddly, in my view, have suggested Billie Piper for Moneypenny. In my opinion she is far too young for the role and would be a far better Bond girl- especially if she got to be a kick ass one ;)

In other News: I was reminded YET AGAIN of how awesome Helena and Tim Burton are as a couple. They just live their lives as normally as they possibly can and are down to earth and funny and really truly seem to try to do whats best for their kids :)
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As I said in my previous two posts, I was very disappointed, nay, nearlly incandecent with rage at how terrible the last Deverry book was (The Silver Mage) and to my surprise and also relief, I found that both AmethystDragon and Brendan Podger had their issues with the novel too.

We vented together and ranted about how saddened we were by the junk we had read, but now I feel that, as a good LJ friend I should be here to comfort.

To everyone who read and loved the Deverry Saga only to be shot down with a truly shitty ending, I give you some humour, and then some book reccommendations. May you feel better afterwards. I certainly did.

This song is bound to bury the hatchet, it suited my attitude on finishing the book perfectly and is insane enough to shock you out of your pain :P... if the song alone dosen't cure your sadness and despair, watch the clip underneath. If you are not giggling by then you are not human ;)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFKUnfwBPTU (song)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bbb56jZo0rE (song with images tee hee)

Book Reccomendations for series that end well...

1. Philip Pullman: His Dark Materials and Sally Lockhart quartet are both brilliant
2. Melanie Rawn: Dragon Prince series
3. Juliet Mariller's Sevenwaters trilogy: this one is amazing- reccomended highly :)

Feel free to suggest other books :)

I hope this post made someone happy! Hearts to all my LJ friends, and apologies to those who had their hearts broken (mine included)

ps: one last politically incorrect booster:

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Ok so I won a signed copy of the last Deverry book by Katharine Kerr and I was so excited to read it I could hardly wait to get back from Fiji to do so. Unfortunately to those faithful readers who have been reading the series since 1986, the concluding novel is in turns both rushed, nonsensical in parts and dare I say it... boring as well as untrue to many of the characters in the previous books.

At the moment I am forced to give it 2 out of 5 stars, a huge disappointment when I would rate every book in the series a 5/5 with the sole exception of The Gold Falcon, which again in my opinion was a waste of everyone's time because it did not advance the plot in any way (we already knew Neb and Branna would be together, the Horsekin defeated etc etc)

My thoughts are under the cut link for big spoilers.

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Ok so I watched Love Actually with my friend yesterday and I was reminded of all of the reasons why I love British humour and scriptwriting all over again... but even more than this it made me remember why I loved Bill Nighy.

So here's my random thought for the day: I have noticed that I tend to like actors that arn't afraid to do crazy stuff on TV eg Bill Nighy singing terribly about feeling Christmas in his fingers and toes, with these bizarre eyebrow wiggles and a dirty, dirty laugh. I LOVE Bill Nighy. I think I love Bill Nighy so much because in everything I've ever seen him in, he isn't afraid to take the piss out of himself.

eg 2 (and God I love this one): Julie Walters doing the strip tease to Rule Brittania in Richard E Grant's debut film Wah Wah (awesome, awesome film). In fact, Julie Walters to me is like the female Bill Nighy in my head because she also was brave enough to manage Molly Weasley and act like a woman 15 years her actual age in Ruby in the Smoke, even managing to pretend to speak poorly because she wasn't wearing her teeth. She is great as Mrs Holland because she also manages to excude menace without any lines at all, just by power of stares alone. And then of course there is her performance in Billy Elliot... again I just LOVE JULIE WALTERS DAMN IT

eg 3: Hugh Grant and John Simm both dancing around like lunatics as British Prime Minister's to catchy pop songs and by dancing I mean... DANCING BABY. You two... I take my hat off to you :P

eg 4: Drew Barrymore dancing the moonwalk backwards to escape evil guys in Charlies Angels and also in Donnie Darko (do more drama's damn it) screaming out FUCK as loudly as possible to the world.

eg 5: Johnny Depp in Benny and Joon (love that movie)

And that's enough for the moment. What random things I post and think :/

But it's true, my respect O meter goes up when actors do crazy things and know its going to go global at the cinema/television set

what do you guys think?
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Ok so i'm going on exchange for 6 months to Britain on uni exchange (at last my anglophile dream comes true) and I've started making a list of cool places I want to go, but I was thinking I should throw it out to lj to ask people for ideas, because more heads is better than one. I love history and the english literature of Britain so suggest whatever you want :)

This is my list so far... some things I admit, are embarassingly nerdy ;)

Places to Go

- Stonehenge/Avesbury stone monument
- Buckingham Palace
- Parliament House
- London open decked bus tour
- West End plays (fingers crossed for a famous person being on stage when I go)
- Belsize Park
- The London Eye?
- Madame Tausaud's
- Tintagel Castle, Cornwell
- Where they filmed LOM/A2A Manchester
- Glastonbury Tor (coz its an Arthurian site supposedly :P)
- The Lake District
- Agatha Christie Museum Torquay (nerdy I know)
- Shakespeare play perfomed in a castle :P
- The Beatles Abbey Road/Museum/Liverpool
- London Tower
- Notting Hill/Portobello Rd?
- Edingburgh Castle, Scotland
- Hadrian's Wall
- Giant's causeway
- Bath
- The Globe Theatre?

Any suggestions are much appreciated :)


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