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I had a bit of a day at work yesterday so what better way to relax than with episodes of Foyle's War? Now I know that some didn't like the transition to The Cold War and the move from straight out policeman to MI5 operative, but I find it really interesting. It's like an early Spooks/Foyle cross-over with loads of research. I actually even liked Sam's new husband, Adam, and his story of being an early post war Labor MP and the pressures that put on Sam (also though I like Max Brown, he never worked with Weeks for me). I like that the whole proceedings are gloomy looking and cynical and world weary. It feels realistic after the pomp of V Day.

I watched Sunflower. It was the best of the three by far, perhaps even one of the best episodes ever of Foyle's War and that ending!

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I am re-watching Doctor Who New Who series 1-7 and generally love festing and reminiscing. Please join me! Though I prefer Moffat era Who, I want to do my best to find things to love about all of New Who as frankly, I am tired of the endless negativity. If I genuinely detest an episode, I will use my license to mock and try to be good natured about my dislike. Please comment if you like with this philosophy in mind :)

Rose by RTD

Rose )

The End of the World by RTD

The End of the World )

The Unquiet Dead by Mark Gatiss

The Unquiet Dead )

I have not rewatched the RTD era since The End of Time aired because of how much I hated it. It is great fun to rewatch when I can't remember half the episodes :)
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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

The Snowmen )

Les Miserables Film

24601 )

After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!
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Wow. Again life runs away from me and my review is written at the eleventh hour! My thesis is due in three weeks and I have yet to start a 5000 word essay due in 4 weeks. Excuses? I haz them in good measure!

Anyways, I am meant to be writing more of my 5000 word essay right now so a reaction list will have to suffice for these two episodes. I am sure tomorrow night's episode will merit excessive meta!

all the feelings )

No spoilers for The Angels Take Manhatten or you will die. K Thanks.
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So I finally watched episode one. I should probably make a thread in the [profile] nicola_walker comm seeings as it is well and truly done and dusted in the UK.

Anyway, I found the episode relatively intriguing plot wise, but I hated every single main character. Every. Last. One. And it was also pretty damn depressing. Probably not my cup of tea to be honest but I'll watch to the end BECAUSE ZOMG THAT ACTRESS I LIKE (the story of my life- watching programs I don't like for actors I love)

Also, lol at the returned stereotype of Nicola's character in a bad/unfufilling relationship stuck in a world of social and emotional dislocation. How predictable ;)

The most important thing however, is Nicola getting costume changes you guys. MANY. Tv is full of surprises. Random stripey jumper/top thingy was love. I wants one.
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On Tuesday, Mum, my brother and I went and saw the live version finale of Spicks and Specks. After over 200 episodes, 7 series and many laughs at Hamish's expense, Adam, Alan and Myf are saying goodbye around Australia. I cannot lie. My heart may just be a little bit broken by the exit of a comedy music quiz show. But really guys. The ABC had the best Wednesday line up happening. If it wasn't Chris Lilley, it was the Chaser Boys or Margaret and David and The Gruen Transfer/Planet, and always, steady as a rock, Spicks and Specks: my university blues tonic that got me through the week till Saturday night and Doctor Who. It's the end of an era. I've been watching this show since I was about 16. Maybe even earlier.

spoilers for the show )

Spooks 10.3

Oct. 5th, 2011 11:00 am
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I finally watched it :)

some observations in no particular order )

In other news, I have a billion assignments in the next five weeks and I am going to go down to university today to play quidditch with the Harry Potter society.

Also, Closing Time was like WOAH. Review to come after a rewatch.
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I've done it! Read The Hobbit, LOTR and The Silmarillion in a row.

Reviews (ish) under cut link (well these are re-reads):

The Hobbit )

Onwards to LOTR- I also watched all three movies just to be thorough because I'm weird like that also they are amazing movies

may this be a light in the darkness, when all other lights have gone out )

The Silmarillion tells the tale of the First and Second Age and is a rather hard read. I saw it as more of an appendices to LOTR and The Hobbit than a book in its own right.

because thou hast broken the law of the Lord, thou shalt never be King )

But the most powerful part of this story for me was always that of The Hobbit's. To quote Galadrial "Even the smallest person can change the course of the future." A good moral. A good moral indeed.

Have you read any of these? Or seen the movies? What did you think?
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I waited and waited to hear your footsteps )

Spooks 10.1. To quote Big Town All Stars: "That was er, um, well... rather good... wasn't it?" Low expectations. I haz em. They help.

all the beautiful people )
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I was pleasantly surprised. It was far better than LKH imo. Also, far better than Gatiss' previous effort with Victory of the Daleks which was the worst episode of s5 imo.

Review under cut :)

monstors are real and I laugh in the face of danger )
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Well. It had to happen eventually I suppose. A Moff episode that was less than excellent. Still, RTD had a lot worse in his time, and I'm willing to cut the guy some slack for an episode... review under cut.

where is my mind? )

Well, what has Doctor Who become these days? My Mum summed it up best imo, "If Life on Mars was the thinking man's Doctor Who, Moffat Doctor Who is now the thinking man's Doctor Who."
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I've always had a strange relationship with Harry Potter: the books. I always felt that J K Rowling sold out in book six and seven and the pace got very uneven. That's not to say I didn't appreciate the world she created and the characters I came to love and the way that part of my childhood is caught up in each books pages. But having said that, this is the reason I went to DH:p1 with so much trepidation as I didn't like Book 7 all that much. I was pleasantly surprised when I found it to be the strongest movie that had been released so far. I also was given an extra treat in that I thought Bellatrix Lestrange truly elevated herself above EVERYONE and really, really encapsulated the essence of evil. It was an astonishing performance from Helena and I think it is now impossible to seperate her from the character. I really feel that Helena brought a lot to the role of Bellatrix, she was born to play the part.

Actual film under cut link for part two:

Read more... )

I think the last two films have been the strongest because the art direction really picked up (very Burtonish I noticed), the storytelling cut straight to the heart of the books even if that meant adding in or taking away scenes from the source material and finally, the atmostphere and the drama was exactly right. Deathly Hallows Part One and Two succeeded in a way the previous Potter's haven't done. They convinced me that these were movies in their own right with strong themes and performances that had real lasting dramatic resonance.
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It seems pretty dead on lj at the moment (probably due to exams) but I am overseas in two days with no internet acess for a month so I will write this review now while I remember it and whoever sees it sees it :)

Overall I liked the episode. Nitpicks and quibbles and meta and general thoughts under the cut.

Read more... )

Also for [livejournal.com profile] squint13 I have created some silly tags to match hers (well not quite).
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I've done half of my notes for one entire subject and a 2500 word major history essay which means I can post on lj :) Then its off to fix up a tutorial essay and email it to my tutor, do Walter Benjamin study notes and email my ANZAC/Remembrance Day article. Happy days. Also, I have major sore mouth for no apparent reason (though I'm willing to wager its something to do with getting my wisdom teeth out) and have to get to the dentist.

Anyway The Rebel Flesh/Almost People

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So apparently I suck at quitting jobs. I went and spoke to my store manager about me going overseas, thinking I was fired and he was all "WHAAA NO... YOU'RE COMING STRAIGHT BACK ON THIS ROSTER THE SECOND YOU IS BACK IN THE COUNTRY. I WENT AND ASKED THE SERVICE MANAGERS AND THEY ALL SAID YOU WERE RELIABLE. I DON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME TRAINING A NEW PERSON..." etc Me:??? I was all prepared to get a new job and everything too...

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Well. So much for me staying off lj to do uni work haha! I think I'd go mad without this blog. As for Dr Who and The Rebel Flesh- as that it a two parter I'll review it as a whole after next Saturday night.

Now onto the books (no spoilers)

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My friend got me Touching Evil for my 21st. Damn it. If I get a credit for my two politics subjects, I blame Nicola Walker for my lack of study.


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