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If anyone is still on here, reading LiveJournal, I want to tell you a story. It goes like this:

Once upon a time, enormous government reforms rolled out to effect all aspects of social care. Service providers were terrified, large providers ate up the little providers, peaks fought against each other as funding got tighter and tighter and Government departments tried their best to implement half baked reform concepts while minister's remained tight lipped on future reform decisions.

I want you to meet Misha. Misha is married to an Aboriginal man. Misha has three children. Misha is smart. Misa is small and thin with two earrings in each ear and half her hair shaved off on one side. Misha manages a team at an aged care peak. Misha talks strategy with 'the feds' So, we are told to think, Misha has gotten her life right.

But Misha also has deep wrinkles across her face. (She is only 51.) But Misha never spends time at home. (She loves her family.) But Misha is afraid of her own team to the point of paranoia because many of them are experienced and smart. (Misha you are experienced and smart, and you can still learn from others).

But Misha twists truths and her philosophy on reform chameleon like to suit whom she speaks to (does Misha remember what it is she fights for anymore?) But Misha holds on to her fed contacts like a miser to his purse (but does Misha know who she promised to represent?) But Misha is so afraid of losing power that she feels sick to the stomach when one of her subordinates knows something she doesn't (does Misha care that she thinks managing is synonymous with running a team of controlled automatons?) But Misha has left behind a trail of broken relationships; angry providers and peaks and sector support workers (it's never her fault, but theirs) But Misha says, 'we tried years ago to engage other stakeholders, and they wouldn't play, so we screw them over' (the same stakeholders who call and email me off the record. One being the CEO of a competitor peak).

But Misha thinks she knows it all (that's why she thinks she understands me when I tell her, it's not you, it's me, and I have to go away).

But Misha thinks I am making a big mistake. I rejected her team, after all (that's why she uses her false sugar-sweet high pitch on me).

But Misha thinks I care about her so much (no, but I care about the providers I swore to help when my old peak was tricked into giving our government contracts to you. I stayed for them, not for you).

But Misha thinks, 'Maureen understands this Game of Thrones we all play. She is like me and I can respect her.' (Yes, I understand it, but I will take no more part in it because playing with people's lives is not a game).

Misha smiles at me and her smile is false. Misha says kind words to me and her words are false.

I have worked in policy and sector support in disability and aged care for two years. I was on good pay. I walked the corridors of power, however briefly. I helped to change national policy. I helped to save providers about to go under. I threw providers lifelines. I learnt to lead and to speak with authority and confidence. I learnt about engagement, about what works. I learnt about strategy and about Boards. I learnt about the intricacies of political feuds and backdoor deals. I learnt that John Le Carre wasn't lying in his books when he spoke hard truths about government and about bureaucracy.

I felt myself growing to like my power, and I grew afraid. I saw parts of myself in Misha. Ugly, ugly parts, and I was afraid.

I can't take the falseness and the double dealings and the back stabbings and the power hungry games and the whispers, whispers in politicians ears any longer. Not without becoming part of the game.

So I quit the job I started December last year. I go full time at my dream job in disability doing front line work with people with disability again from May. I go to a provider who has a vision, and believes in that vision with all of its small heart and soul.

I go to stop myself becoming a second generation Misha. I go because I promised myself, in my first God awful disability NFP job, that I will never stop telling them Albertine. That I will tell them of my metaphorical Rwanda. Always.

And one day I will write about Misha and about Petyr Baelish and about State of Play in Australian social care reform, and what I write will be angry and bitter and sad because such a story will always be marked by a sense of moral wrongness. Such futility. Such waste. So much of people's very real ideals played upon to feed others personal agendas.

So I make this promise to you and to the world: I will never rest till I have told them of what I have seen and where I have been. I will never rest until I have told the world of Albertine.

Not now that I have seen I am responsible.
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Karen and the Babes were announced last year as coming to capitals in Australia including Sydney. My friends and I were ecstatic and we all planned to make a day of it. I claimed I would sell my right arm to go. It turns out, I lied. Of course, we shouldn't have trusted The Hub. It seems to have quite a bad reputation within fandom for not really giving a fuck about fandom and just milking collectors for as much money as they can get away with. Now I'm not saying that The Hub's Whoniverse is the first con to rort fans, but it is the first one to annoy me quite this much.

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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

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Les Miserables Film

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After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!


Oct. 13th, 2011 10:33 pm
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Spooks 10.4 was one mega yawn fest.

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So I went and watched episode two of The Slap, which had far more drama packed into its hour run time than Spooks did. Shame. Series 1-4 were so good.
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Dear People who think it is ok to continue to put down the astoundingly original Helena Bonham Carter with cruel and hurtful insults every time she goes to an event,

Repeat after me:

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ps world: I happen to own a waist corset and a normal corset and have been known to wear both in public places. One of my best friends wears miniture top hats as hair accessories. Enlighten me... why is there a problem with this? I also happen to love 80's fashion too but that's ok because that's "in"... what do I do when its out world? QUICK SELL ALL OF MY FAVOURITE CLOTHES BECAUSE A MAGAZINE TELLS ME TO DO IT. I GET YOU.
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I just finished reading Philip Pullman's new book 'The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundral Christ.' Now don't get me wrong. I love Philip Pullman. He is the brilliant writer who brought me both His Dark Materials and The Sally Lockhart quartet (two series that are in my top five of all time). But this book? I can't help but feel Pullman was being lazy.

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In other news: more fandom gender fail. Someone is trying to tell me that Ruth Evershed from Spooks is a Mary Sue because she is 'too smart and no one is that perfect.' Wow. I actually am really insulted by the stupidity of this statement. The implication of this statement being that 'real women' arn't smart and that intelligence in a woman is a negative trait.

ASIDE: This is actually insulting to everyone who happens to be smart, let alone women who happen to be smart. It reminds me of the whole bullying culture I experienced in Primary School because smart was associated with negativity and uncool. I mean REALLY. REALLY HAS THE WORLD DEGENERATED TO THE POINT WHERE INTELLIGENCE IS NOW A BAD THING?

Also, how the heck is Ruth a perfect character? Are we watching the same show? Ruth is only a perfect character if we measure perfection by a woman's intelligence. It's not like Ruth is young, glamorous, drop dead gorgeous and abounding in confidence or anything. It's not like the entire point of the complexity of the character of Ruth is her intelligence and analytical skills as offset by her extreme social skills fail. It's not like Ruth represents a whole group of women who fight shyness all the time and really freaking associate with her love life fail. Not at all.

Ironically, back when I was onto series five of Spooks I wrote this re Ruth: River and Alex are who I wish I'd be when I'm in my 30's, but Ruth is who I am, or at least who I'm heading towards. In fact, I would argue that Ruth is one of the most realistic female characters I have seen on TV ever. Guess I was way off about realistic women eh guys?

Rant under cut.

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I will probably blog properly about this later because it actually REALLY bothers me.
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So the UK VISA saga continues...

I kept getting conflicting information and so I've given up. I've booked a flight to Ireland for August 10th, and I'm staying there till August 28th. Then I'm doing a tour of Italy, then a tour of Germany, Austria and Poland, and then I enter the UK the 1st of October under Tier Four VISA guidlines.

I've paid $8000 Australian to do all that. Dear Lord. That's like, practically all of my savings and I've booked flights and everything.

Here's the hitch.

The UK VISA can only be backdated up to 3 months before I enter the UK. I enter the UK the 1st of October. Three months back from there is July. Therefore I cannot apply for a VISA till then. *sigh* Why do they make this so difficult? And if I apply the 1st of July that means I'm relying on the Canberra Consulate to get my VISA to me by the 10th of August.

Why do I get the feeling I'm going to have to push my flight back?

This VISA stuff is the pits. It's enough to make me want to go watch an episode of Spooks Ruth/Harry.
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For those on my flist who don't know/don't remember or are thinking hey you never blogged it so how could I know? I am going on exchange to England next university semester. So I finally got my acceptance email into Lancaster University. You would think that it would be all smooth sailing from there, but no, VISA's are hell and really mess with your travel plans.

According to British government website: yes I need a VISA. Do they tell me what type. No.

So then I ring the British Consulate in Canberra. Random woman there tells me I need a basic VISA because I'm Australian National. She then tells me that because I can only enter Britain 2 weeks before the course starts in October, I can get around this by going to Britain, leaving the country before October, to go to say Ireland or France, then reenter in October for my course.

This makes me more confused then before so I email my university frantically. VISA advice lady there tells me yes I do need a VISA, but its only a student visitor one valid for 6 months and that yes I can travel and no I don't need to come in and out of Britain at all. Yay I think, problem solved.

Then I go to STA to get quotes on flights and man there tells me that no I can't enter Britain more than 2 weeks before my course starts and wtf are the British on anyway and I will have to travel around Ireland or France or Europe before my course starts.

Got that flist? Isn't it crystal clear how I must travel? I didn't think so either.

Bloody Poms and their Bloody VISAS.

In other news: I got one ticket to see John Simm in Hamlet october 16th. I am excited. I bought my ticket for a Saturday when I'm in uni session so that the VISA confusion won't stuff me around. I will definitely blog about his performance. Because he is John Simm and The Master and awesome (see icon).
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Ok, so here's the thing. I never have understood people's love for 19th century fiction (other than the Russian novels, now that I can understand), but that didn't stop me from choosing to study 19th century literature for english extension rather than crime fiction. Why would I be foolish enough to do this? I'm a very practical person. One teacher teaching crime fiction hated my guts and persecuted me to the point that I switched out of his year 11 english class, the other was a class A idiot and I knew I would fail if I got her for crime fiction. On the other hand, sure I hated 19th century fiction, but at least the teachers teaching it were competant.

So I chose 19th century fiction. My teacher was lovely, my class was lovely but TRUTH... that didn't stop class from being pure unadulderated torture.

The worst part was the main module of study... the BBC's Pride and Prejudice. Now don't get me wrong. I love the BBC. But I go in for the weird timey wimey sci fi stuff or the dead bodies stuff or the spy stuff or the political thriller stuff, or you know just anything not 19th century fiction related stuff. So me watching all 6 hours of the BBC's Pride and Prejudice for a term and a half AT THE LEAST complete with continuous fast forwarding, rewinding, forwards, backwards, analysing, discussing, describing in minute detail made me hate the damn thing with a passion.

My main reaction to BBC period adaptations, but Jane Austen in particular is an involuntary shudder these days and a gut feeling of absolute loathing at the memory of watching that damn scene with Miss Bingley about eleventy billion times forwards, backwards, repeated, and analysed till I felt I would scream the school down. I mean there's only so many time I can admire the aristocratic way that Anna Chancellor managed to turn up her nose at Elizabeth Bennet with any modicum of interest.

So when Anna Chancellor appeared in Spooks as Juliet...

my instinctive reaction was to go into some weird time loop of hate and loathing at the memory of this woman...

I studied the scene where Miss Bingley tries to catch Elizabeth out at being uneducated by making her "take a turn about the room" in front of Mr Darcy so many God damned times that the very sight of Anne Chancellor fills me with hate and fear. Let me explain to you how much pain the memory of Miss Bingley/Anna Chancellor puts me through... with a SONG.

What is this feeling?
Fervid as a flame,
Does it have a name?
Yes! Loathing
Unadulterated loathing

For your face;

Your voice;

Your clothing;

Let's just say - I loathe it all
Ev'ry little trait, however small
Makes my very flesh begin to crawl
With simple utter loathing
There's a strange exhilaration
In such total detestation
It's so pure, so strong!
Though I do admit it came on fast
Still I do believe that it can last
And I will be loathing
Loathing you
My whole life long!

In fact the very sight of Anna Chancellor sends my brain into a weird mix of hate and despair and essay writing so that every time she comes on screen as Juliet in Spooks my brain tells me forcefully and authoritively, "Social status is portrayed in the BBC's Pride and Prejudice in the costuming of the different characters. Miss Bingley wears colourful silks and exotic feathers to indicate her high class and social status, whilst the Bennet sisters wear simple dresses and jewlery to highlight their gentry class status." and then my brain goes into double overload telling me insistently that I should write next about Miss Bingley's insistance that Elizabeth take a turn about the room, and how I should discuss her disproval for Elizabeth in a framework of social acceptance and norms of the time.

In fact, if I ever met Anna Chancellor, I'd have some words with her I would (once I got past the involuntary linked reaction of ahhh I loathe you, followed by "Social status is portrayed in the BBC's..."). I am fairly sure that her portrayal of Miss Bingley has scarred me for life. At least Colin Firth doesn't send my brain into essay overdrive, at least Jennifer Ehle never really did anything ever again after P&P. Damn you Anna Chanceller. Damn you.

Of course, it doesn't help that Anna Chancellor is typecast as the upper class British snob in everything she is ever in ever...

Agent Cody Banks 2: snob.
What a girl wants: snob.
Four wedding and a funeral. snob.
Spooks. snob.

STOP MAKING ME RELIVE THE HSC DAMN IT!!! Congratulations. You, my dear Anna Chancellor, have perfected the art of long distance torture.

Yep. Gee thanks Miss Bingley, Jane Austen, Anna Chancellor and the idiot HSC board. You have all conspired to give me post traumatic english extension, Jane Austen disorder.

Though perhaps I have taken the first step in fixing my Austen, Miss Bingley fear related, traumatised state... after all I didn't know Anna Chancellor from Adam till I set about writing this entry. She was simply THE WOMAN or even more often AHHHH ITS HER... HER... THAT ONE... AHHHHHHHH or even more often just "it's... it's... Miss... Bing... ley?????"

At least she has a name now :P

ps for Holly: be thankful you got to study Richard Armitage be hot in North and South. I'm sure he doesn't send your mind into spirals of hate and fear and remembrance of frantic essay writing conditions.
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WARNING: To my friends who like Katharine Kerr, you might not want to read this. Really. You really, really don't. You have been warned :P (But dw I still love you all!)

I suppose I should have seen this one coming really. I mean Al Zorra made it pretty clear during 15 Days of Deverry that she was an elitist git when she likened a post I made asking fellow Kerr fans about other fantasy books they liked to me stealing Kerr's wedding march. I am not joking. This really did happen. I was kinda like, totally gobsmacked at the time, but you know I just kind of put it to Kerr having elitist friends, rather than her being elitist herself.

And then there was the incident with [livejournal.com profile] brendanpodger and that feminist snark over nothing which kind of made me a bit afraid of Kit. And then you know, The Silver Mage sucked. I suppose it wasn't really going to take much else to completely disillusion me about her.

So when she wrote this stunningly idiotically, unprofessional entry, I was one of the many people asking myself wtf is your problem? (I wasn't the only one! Professional writer Jim Hines wrote some snark basically saying wtf too. I kind of wanted to marry him when I figured out who he was lol)

A number of people on LJ have been expressing their views on fanfic, so I thought I'd add mine. I despise it. It
shows a paucity of imagination, especially mainstream published and deified fanfic like WICKED and all the "Pride
and Prejudice" rip-offs. That kind of fanfic is to original work as Hamburger Helper is to meat.
If someone can think of no better idea than to take a classic kid's book series and try to wring a few more bucks
out of it, like the whole 'Wicked' series, then they should get a real job.
Fans who write non-porn stories about TV shows are a different kind of writer. If they love the shows, which are
a group production to begin with, that much, what the hell, they probably don't have the taste and imagination
to write anything original anyway. They are in the same boat as embroiders who buy pre-cut yarn, pre-painted
canvas needlepoint kits. It's a nice hobby, and who am I to complain -- just as long as they leave my work alone.
Porn is porn and will always be so. Nothing to say there.

Yes, apparently Kit is an elitist snob after all :( I would explain all of the reasons why this entry makes no sense, but I'm assuming that my flist is intelligent enough to figure it out themselves.

However, as annoyed as I was at the time, in hindsight this is so idiotic that its quite funny.

Especially when Kit is essentially saying that;

a) everyone who writes fan fic is unoriginal, lazy at writing and unimaginative
b) all scriptwriters for TV are shameless hacks
c) Television writers only want money so its ok to write fan fics about tv (at least I *think* thats what she was claiming)
d) she claims that everyone who happened to disagree with her was a troll (yes, yes I know there were trolls involved, but I saw plenty of pissed off deverry fans in the mix too).
e) She tells transformative professional writers to get a real job
f) An apology consists of her insulting at the same time as she apologises

Fail. Just wow. Total facepalm fail :P I think I read a grand total of three comments that were actually rude without cause.

I also really enjoyed this quote from someone on fandom wank who managed to screen cap the whole mess (those evil, evil people). I admit to choking with laughter at university and freaking the guy out on the computer next to me. I couldn't help it. Seriously.

So fanfiction is like doing predesigned needlepoint? Er, what?

To which someone else replied with

With pre-cut "yarn" (it's embroidery floss, not yarn), no less. As opposed to, I don't know, spinning it yourself from cotton you picked yourself and then dyeing it yourself from dye you made from walnut hulls, berries, and tree bark. Yourself.

And this comment had me nearlly crying with laughter, coz you know, I have to admit that I was one of the ones who may have done this and fuck its just a funny metaphor.

Kerr's take on her readers' reaction is so far gone into denial that she's past the crocodiles, out of the water, and slogging dazedly through the Ethiopian desert. And when she finally makes it into Addis Ababa and checks into an Internet cafe to ask folks to wire her money to get home, her email is still going to be filled with comments saying, "DUDE. WHAT THE FUCK."

So yep, I'm done with Ms Kerr. I'm done with her books and her blogs and her Deverry 15 community lol. Someone who had that little respect for her fans apparently doesn't need readers.

Though I cannot tell a lie and say that some of the shit she was writing was some of the funniest stuff I've seen on the net in a long while :) Maybe I should thank her for that :P And you know, I don't mind if other people want to be her fans, but ya know, a girl's got to rant somewhere, or what else is a blog for?
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Ok so I won a signed copy of the last Deverry book by Katharine Kerr and I was so excited to read it I could hardly wait to get back from Fiji to do so. Unfortunately to those faithful readers who have been reading the series since 1986, the concluding novel is in turns both rushed, nonsensical in parts and dare I say it... boring as well as untrue to many of the characters in the previous books.

At the moment I am forced to give it 2 out of 5 stars, a huge disappointment when I would rate every book in the series a 5/5 with the sole exception of The Gold Falcon, which again in my opinion was a waste of everyone's time because it did not advance the plot in any way (we already knew Neb and Branna would be together, the Horsekin defeated etc etc)

My thoughts are under the cut link for big spoilers.

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