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Karen and the Babes were announced last year as coming to capitals in Australia including Sydney. My friends and I were ecstatic and we all planned to make a day of it. I claimed I would sell my right arm to go. It turns out, I lied. Of course, we shouldn't have trusted The Hub. It seems to have quite a bad reputation within fandom for not really giving a fuck about fandom and just milking collectors for as much money as they can get away with. Now I'm not saying that The Hub's Whoniverse is the first con to rort fans, but it is the first one to annoy me quite this much.

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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

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Les Miserables Film

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After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!
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Spooks 10.1. To quote Big Town All Stars: "That was er, um, well... rather good... wasn't it?" Low expectations. I haz em. They help.

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I was pleasantly surprised. It was far better than LKH imo. Also, far better than Gatiss' previous effort with Victory of the Daleks which was the worst episode of s5 imo.

Review under cut :)

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Well. It had to happen eventually I suppose. A Moff episode that was less than excellent. Still, RTD had a lot worse in his time, and I'm willing to cut the guy some slack for an episode... review under cut.

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Well, what has Doctor Who become these days? My Mum summed it up best imo, "If Life on Mars was the thinking man's Doctor Who, Moffat Doctor Who is now the thinking man's Doctor Who."
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It seems pretty dead on lj at the moment (probably due to exams) but I am overseas in two days with no internet acess for a month so I will write this review now while I remember it and whoever sees it sees it :)

Overall I liked the episode. Nitpicks and quibbles and meta and general thoughts under the cut.

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Also for [livejournal.com profile] squint13 I have created some silly tags to match hers (well not quite).
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I've done half of my notes for one entire subject and a 2500 word major history essay which means I can post on lj :) Then its off to fix up a tutorial essay and email it to my tutor, do Walter Benjamin study notes and email my ANZAC/Remembrance Day article. Happy days. Also, I have major sore mouth for no apparent reason (though I'm willing to wager its something to do with getting my wisdom teeth out) and have to get to the dentist.

Anyway The Rebel Flesh/Almost People

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Sorry for such a late write up flist but this was too good an episode to not rewatch and have a think about. Bloody hell Neil Gaiman. I love you for writing this. This was my favourite episode of s6 so far. Pirates of the Whoniverse was too meh for me and kind of fillerish and the opening two parter is too much of an unknown quantity. The problem with the two parter is that it asked more questions than it answered which means depending on how the episodes are resolved will depend on my enjoyment on future rewatches (but by the way in Moffat I trust).

I haven't enjoyed a Who episode this much since... oh wait... The Big Bang lol. I've noticed that my preferred episodes are always the ones which emphasise the fairy story like quality that Dr Who holds, refers back to previous show canon, and reminds me of just how adventurous, lovable, ludicrous and well silly but endlessly fun this show really is.

Review under cut

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Lots of thoughts under the cut and who has River Song spinning around with awesome gun icons? May I have one pretty please (credited of course). It is my bday this week (bats eyelids sweetly).

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Well. This series is suddenly Lost and also way scary and dark. I like it. I think :)
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I saw someone else do this as a poll at a Who comm and I figure now that I've seen the episodes I can attempt this. ok, so episodes broken down for your reading pleasure...

Excellent (I could watch these forever and never get bored): The Eleventh Hour, The Beast Below, Time of Angels, Flesh and Stone, Vampires in Venice, Vincent and The Doctor, The Pandorica Opens, The Big Bang
Total: 8

Good: (Has the potential to be in excellent on rewatch): Amy's Choice, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

Total: 3

Ok: (wouldn't rewatch it unless I really had to): Victory of the Daleks, The Lodger

Total: Two

Basically most perfect New Who season ever? Yes, yes indeed.

Big Bang review under cutlink XD

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I realise I didn't review The Lodger but thats because I was in Melbourne meeting Tim Burton twice and shaking his hand and saying words to him and all, and meeting Brendanpodger and all. And then it was my brother's 18th and I'm going overseas on August 10th for 5 months (where's my panic button and all?) and yeah. The Lodger felt like a filler episode to me anyway. It was fluffy and funny is probably my overall opinion.

Now review (Spoilers...)

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Ok guys, I know I havn't reviewed Dr Who since Vampires in Venice but there is a reason. Actually there's a few reasons.

a) I'm going overseas for 5 months which equals lots of stress and organisation and no lj
b) I'm meeting up with online fandom friends next week for the Burton exhibition in Melbourne and have been trying to work out that (Oh fandom friends- some of these guys are really good friends, never mind that I've never met them in person before.)
c) Amy Choice onwards Dr Who has been getting more and more complex with more and more going on and its getting harder for me to have any coherent thoughts after one viewing.

But Vincent and The Doctor was so awesome that I'm writing a review.

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I've written 1000 words of my 2000 word essay! Yay? That means I can post here :)

So I realise I haven't blogged at all for Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone or Vampires in Venice... so I'm going to do it now... all at once.

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Well that's me done for the moment. Any theories on how this is all going to end?
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This is really only happening for two reasons;

a) because I want to share my master playlist with [livejournal.com profile] blackpearl_phan

and because

b) lets face it. Sometime between last year and this year I became an insane Whovian fan. You know, one of those scary ones, who will probably be a Who fan for life and go around trying to convert the world.

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I also wanted to talk briefly about The Beast Below and some thoughts I've had about the difference between season five and earlier seasons if anyone cares... lol

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What a brilliant pilot episode, everything about this episode ruled, from the performances of both MS and Karen Gillan (already a far more interesting companion than Donna, Rose, Martha), to the cleverness of how the moff introduced us to Amy, to the way he played on our fears about MS taking over from DT to enhance the plot.

The rest under cut links for spoilers.

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yeah what can I say other than uni is a bitch?

I want to start off by saying that I am so so SO relieved that Matt Smith is getting rave reviews as The Doctor. The second I heard he was cast I was dancing around the room, singing for joy. Apparently some have said he is the best Doctor since Tom Baker(or has the potential to be) and may even be the greatest! Take that DT fans who wouldnt give this guy a chance. Take that. It's not that I hate David Tennant, it's just that I grew to really hate his whingy whiny man pain cry baby crap by the Donna season and that by the shit that was the end of time part 2 I really just wanted change. Besides, I feel a little smug I must admit. I already was a bit of a Matt Smith fan before he was ever contending to be the next Doctor. I have stated in blogs here before that he is REALLY AMAZING as Jim Tayler in Ruby in the smoke and shadow in the north. I also said that I thought he had huge potential as The Doctor; what whith his roguish Jim charm and fun loving effect. I kinda can't quite believe how excited I am for him to be The Doctor.

I gave the world half way through season five to jump on the MS bandwagon. Looks like it could be even less than that. Oh how fickle we Whovians are.

By the way, the MS episode airs in two weeks here. The clock ticks away in silent agony. or to quote emilie autumn

4 oclock 4 oclock
out of bed I creep
to climb this tower of shame
but the hours still the same
only madness knows my name
at 4 oclock.

Speaking of EA I went to her concert about 2 weeks ago. She was amazing!!! and speaking of Time not moving, I really wish the ABC would give us an air date for Ashes to Ashes already. My family is trying to fill the gap with Spooks. As good as Spooks is, it dosent work. The whole time we say to ourselves Keeley Hawes... tee hee she still sounds like ALEX DRAKE... oh damn... now we're back to A2A speculating again.

I am slowly going crazy one two three four five six switch.

Really. That. is. how. I. feel. about. this. wait.

By the way is anyone else having kittens about how A2A will end without undermining LOM or being gimmicky. I have dialogues in my head like this.

How can they make an ending as groundbreaking, as touching, as bittersweet, as PERFECT as Lom

They are brillant scriptwriters. After all, wasn't A2A going to be epic fail? Besides havn't they had this ending planned since the end of LOM?

Yes, but what if they fuck up and there was that interview where Keeley mentioned they pander to fans. What if they pander in a bad way, in a Dr who end of time way?

But then Keeley also says its a beautiful, bittersweet ending that her husband cried in. Keeley is cool (Lordy how times have changed. To think there was a time when I hated her for the crime of not being John Simm. If I ever met her I'd have to apologise profusely). Therefore she must be right.

But what if my expectations are too high. I mean so many things have been fail this year. Alice in Wonderland (what were you thinking Burton? NEVER WORK WITH DISNEY EVER AGAIN), The Silver Mage, Dr Who End of Time. And the scriptwriters say they answer questions. What if they answer to many questions and ruin the fun of guessing things like wether Sam was in a coma or not and who Frank Morgan was.


and then I start off all over again. Please tell me someone is going through the same mental agony I am going through right now.

It would be alright if there was anything decent on TV to watch to distract myself with, but Dr Who dosent air for another 2 weeks, there's no news on Foyles War or Spooks or Robin Hood season three and right now I kinda want to go and kill the bloody idiot who thought it would be a good idea to take forever airing season three of A2A (and yes I know it just aired in the UK, but with my luck the ABC won't air it here till July, WHEN IM FUCKING OVERSEAS. That would really be the last straw. I'd rent it out in England and watch it in my God damned Youth Hostel.)

Rant over. But God, please tell me someone feels my pain.


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