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Whoops. I did write eleventh hour fic as I promised [personal profile] squint13 When I get back I will consider taking Missy fic requests because she is enormously fun to write for and because back in the day all I did was write Master/Lucy/Doctor fic.

Title: Missed Me?
Characters: Missy, Osgood, 12th Doctor, Clara (Ps: Love ff.net deigning to allow multiple character categories now. Much easier)
Genre: Drama/Horror
Spoilers: For Death in Heaven
Word Count: 2100 words approx.
Notes: This is a oneshot character study more than anything else. I hope someone enjoys it...

Missed me missed me now you've got to kiss me )

OK, I admit that I kind of scared myself with how messed up this one is...
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Karen and the Babes were announced last year as coming to capitals in Australia including Sydney. My friends and I were ecstatic and we all planned to make a day of it. I claimed I would sell my right arm to go. It turns out, I lied. Of course, we shouldn't have trusted The Hub. It seems to have quite a bad reputation within fandom for not really giving a fuck about fandom and just milking collectors for as much money as they can get away with. Now I'm not saying that The Hub's Whoniverse is the first con to rort fans, but it is the first one to annoy me quite this much.

outraged dweomer is outraged )
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I am re-watching Doctor Who New Who series 1-7 and generally love festing and reminiscing. Please join me! Though I prefer Moffat era Who, I want to do my best to find things to love about all of New Who as frankly, I am tired of the endless negativity. If I genuinely detest an episode, I will use my license to mock and try to be good natured about my dislike. Please comment if you like with this philosophy in mind :)

Rose by RTD

Rose )

The End of the World by RTD

The End of the World )

The Unquiet Dead by Mark Gatiss

The Unquiet Dead )

I have not rewatched the RTD era since The End of Time aired because of how much I hated it. It is great fun to rewatch when I can't remember half the episodes :)
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Title: The Stories That Matter
Chapter One: You Said Five Minutes
Chapter Two: "Nobody was Crying"
Fandom: Spooks/Doctor Who crossover
Characters: Ruth Evershed/Eleventh Doctor
Summary: Will Ruth leave spying and run with The Doctor or will she choose to stay with Harry?
Word Count: 690 words
Spoilers: 3.5 of Spooks and up to The God Complex of Doctor Who
Rating: G
Notes: This story was started months ago last year but I didn't have the heart to write spooks fic after s10. Unfortunately, I am a completist and knew this story still has three more parts to go. Here is the second part. Finally.

I couldn't read her face )
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Well. One out of two ain't bad.

The Snowmen )

Les Miserables Film

24601 )

After the disappointments of Burton's Alice in Wonderland (the most un-Burton film ever?) and Dark Shadows (Burton's crassest film ever?) I was beginning to think I had lost the Burton love. Reviews for Frankenweenie have started coming in and the general consensus is that he is back on form. What a relief. I was getting worried! Watching Les Miserables has reminded me that I'm almost due for a Burton filmography rewatch. He has directed some of the most haunting and beautiful films I have ever seen. It is a shame that he is so maligned these days.

As usual, opinions are welcomed flist!
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Wow. Again life runs away from me and my review is written at the eleventh hour! My thesis is due in three weeks and I have yet to start a 5000 word essay due in 4 weeks. Excuses? I haz them in good measure!

Anyways, I am meant to be writing more of my 5000 word essay right now so a reaction list will have to suffice for these two episodes. I am sure tomorrow night's episode will merit excessive meta!

all the feelings )

No spoilers for The Angels Take Manhatten or you will die. K Thanks.
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I have been rewatching series six of Doctor Who of late and forgot how many amazing quotes there are in this show. So tell me flist- what are your favourite quotes? Any era, new or old, RTD or Moffat etc is welcome.

Some of mine under cut:

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Can someone please explain this Moffuckery of an episode in simple language please... I spent the entire 45 mins in a sea of WHAAAA???????

ps: In other news, Nicola Walker is a God Damned Goddess. I already knew this. But of late multiple things have proved this to me further.
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I waited and waited to hear your footsteps )

Spooks 10.1. To quote Big Town All Stars: "That was er, um, well... rather good... wasn't it?" Low expectations. I haz em. They help.

all the beautiful people )
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Title: "I said Five Minutes"
Rating: PG
Characters: Ruth Evershed and Eleventh Doctor
Word Count: 1200 approx.
Notes: No spoilers for Spooks or Doctor Who unless you have yet to watch The Eleventh Hour. Inspired by [livejournal.com profile] lost_spook and [livejournal.com profile] belantana who started this insanity ;) Set at the start of s2 when Ruth is adorably hippie and still has a smile and a sense of faith in humanity. Think of this as a prologue. Assuming I get comments from someone, there will be more.

a moment, just a moment )
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I was pleasantly surprised. It was far better than LKH imo. Also, far better than Gatiss' previous effort with Victory of the Daleks which was the worst episode of s5 imo.

Review under cut :)

monstors are real and I laugh in the face of danger )
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Well. It had to happen eventually I suppose. A Moff episode that was less than excellent. Still, RTD had a lot worse in his time, and I'm willing to cut the guy some slack for an episode... review under cut.

where is my mind? )

Well, what has Doctor Who become these days? My Mum summed it up best imo, "If Life on Mars was the thinking man's Doctor Who, Moffat Doctor Who is now the thinking man's Doctor Who."
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It seems pretty dead on lj at the moment (probably due to exams) but I am overseas in two days with no internet acess for a month so I will write this review now while I remember it and whoever sees it sees it :)

Overall I liked the episode. Nitpicks and quibbles and meta and general thoughts under the cut.

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Also for [livejournal.com profile] squint13 I have created some silly tags to match hers (well not quite).
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Title: Desert Places
Pairing: River/11th Doctor
Spoilers: None (AU fic)
Summary: For the [livejournal.com profile] spoiler_song ficathon with prompt "Desert Places." River and The Doctor are AU fluffy and banter a lot because it is so much fun to write.
Rating: I think it is pretty PG personally but I can change if anyone disagrees.
Word Count: 648 words (my shortest fic ever wooot)

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Ok, so thanks to [livejournal.com profile] madama_airlock I know Alex is at the London con on July 10th AND I AM IN LONDON THEN. However, Karen is there on the 9th! WHICH POSES THE PROBLEM OF WHICH DAY DO I CHOOSE. If I got Saturday I get to stay the whole day and meet Karen (hopefully) but I would prefer to meet Alex on the Sunday. However, the thing is, I have to leave London by like 12 30pm to get to Oxford on the Sunday for 4pm. If the con is on Sunday at 9am and ends at 6pm, isn't that pushing it a lot to even factor in Alex? OH HELP ME PLEASE FLIST. DR WHO IS TORTURING ME AGAIN.
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Title: River's Diary
Pairing: River/Melody/Eleventh Doctor, Rory
Spoilers: including A Good Man Goes to War
Summary: An answered prompt from the [livejournal.com profile] spoiler_song ficathon for [livejournal.com profile] bendingwind. Rory gives River the TARDIS diary Amy never used and she writes letters to him in it, telling him of her life and her adventures, of him and Amy and what they mean to her, of stories and what they mean in turn, of romance and passion and love and of running with The Doctor...
(And shuddup yes I have been studying too, even if I have written two River fics in two days)
Rating: PG (mention of sex but not explicit descriptions or anything)
Word Count: 2500 words

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I've done half of my notes for one entire subject and a 2500 word major history essay which means I can post on lj :) Then its off to fix up a tutorial essay and email it to my tutor, do Walter Benjamin study notes and email my ANZAC/Remembrance Day article. Happy days. Also, I have major sore mouth for no apparent reason (though I'm willing to wager its something to do with getting my wisdom teeth out) and have to get to the dentist.

Anyway The Rebel Flesh/Almost People

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Sorry for such a late write up flist but this was too good an episode to not rewatch and have a think about. Bloody hell Neil Gaiman. I love you for writing this. This was my favourite episode of s6 so far. Pirates of the Whoniverse was too meh for me and kind of fillerish and the opening two parter is too much of an unknown quantity. The problem with the two parter is that it asked more questions than it answered which means depending on how the episodes are resolved will depend on my enjoyment on future rewatches (but by the way in Moffat I trust).

I haven't enjoyed a Who episode this much since... oh wait... The Big Bang lol. I've noticed that my preferred episodes are always the ones which emphasise the fairy story like quality that Dr Who holds, refers back to previous show canon, and reminds me of just how adventurous, lovable, ludicrous and well silly but endlessly fun this show really is.

Review under cut

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