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If anyone is still on here, reading LiveJournal, I want to tell you a story. It goes like this:

Once upon a time, enormous government reforms rolled out to effect all aspects of social care. Service providers were terrified, large providers ate up the little providers, peaks fought against each other as funding got tighter and tighter and Government departments tried their best to implement half baked reform concepts while minister's remained tight lipped on future reform decisions.

I want you to meet Misha. Misha is married to an Aboriginal man. Misha has three children. Misha is smart. Misa is small and thin with two earrings in each ear and half her hair shaved off on one side. Misha manages a team at an aged care peak. Misha talks strategy with 'the feds' So, we are told to think, Misha has gotten her life right.

But Misha also has deep wrinkles across her face. (She is only 51.) But Misha never spends time at home. (She loves her family.) But Misha is afraid of her own team to the point of paranoia because many of them are experienced and smart. (Misha you are experienced and smart, and you can still learn from others).

But Misha twists truths and her philosophy on reform chameleon like to suit whom she speaks to (does Misha remember what it is she fights for anymore?) But Misha holds on to her fed contacts like a miser to his purse (but does Misha know who she promised to represent?) But Misha is so afraid of losing power that she feels sick to the stomach when one of her subordinates knows something she doesn't (does Misha care that she thinks managing is synonymous with running a team of controlled automatons?) But Misha has left behind a trail of broken relationships; angry providers and peaks and sector support workers (it's never her fault, but theirs) But Misha says, 'we tried years ago to engage other stakeholders, and they wouldn't play, so we screw them over' (the same stakeholders who call and email me off the record. One being the CEO of a competitor peak).

But Misha thinks she knows it all (that's why she thinks she understands me when I tell her, it's not you, it's me, and I have to go away).

But Misha thinks I am making a big mistake. I rejected her team, after all (that's why she uses her false sugar-sweet high pitch on me).

But Misha thinks I care about her so much (no, but I care about the providers I swore to help when my old peak was tricked into giving our government contracts to you. I stayed for them, not for you).

But Misha thinks, 'Maureen understands this Game of Thrones we all play. She is like me and I can respect her.' (Yes, I understand it, but I will take no more part in it because playing with people's lives is not a game).

Misha smiles at me and her smile is false. Misha says kind words to me and her words are false.

I have worked in policy and sector support in disability and aged care for two years. I was on good pay. I walked the corridors of power, however briefly. I helped to change national policy. I helped to save providers about to go under. I threw providers lifelines. I learnt to lead and to speak with authority and confidence. I learnt about engagement, about what works. I learnt about strategy and about Boards. I learnt about the intricacies of political feuds and backdoor deals. I learnt that John Le Carre wasn't lying in his books when he spoke hard truths about government and about bureaucracy.

I felt myself growing to like my power, and I grew afraid. I saw parts of myself in Misha. Ugly, ugly parts, and I was afraid.

I can't take the falseness and the double dealings and the back stabbings and the power hungry games and the whispers, whispers in politicians ears any longer. Not without becoming part of the game.

So I quit the job I started December last year. I go full time at my dream job in disability doing front line work with people with disability again from May. I go to a provider who has a vision, and believes in that vision with all of its small heart and soul.

I go to stop myself becoming a second generation Misha. I go because I promised myself, in my first God awful disability NFP job, that I will never stop telling them Albertine. That I will tell them of my metaphorical Rwanda. Always.

And one day I will write about Misha and about Petyr Baelish and about State of Play in Australian social care reform, and what I write will be angry and bitter and sad because such a story will always be marked by a sense of moral wrongness. Such futility. Such waste. So much of people's very real ideals played upon to feed others personal agendas.

So I make this promise to you and to the world: I will never rest till I have told them of what I have seen and where I have been. I will never rest until I have told the world of Albertine.

Not now that I have seen I am responsible.
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Karen and the Babes were announced last year as coming to capitals in Australia including Sydney. My friends and I were ecstatic and we all planned to make a day of it. I claimed I would sell my right arm to go. It turns out, I lied. Of course, we shouldn't have trusted The Hub. It seems to have quite a bad reputation within fandom for not really giving a fuck about fandom and just milking collectors for as much money as they can get away with. Now I'm not saying that The Hub's Whoniverse is the first con to rort fans, but it is the first one to annoy me quite this much.

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On Tuesday, Mum, my brother and I went and saw the live version finale of Spicks and Specks. After over 200 episodes, 7 series and many laughs at Hamish's expense, Adam, Alan and Myf are saying goodbye around Australia. I cannot lie. My heart may just be a little bit broken by the exit of a comedy music quiz show. But really guys. The ABC had the best Wednesday line up happening. If it wasn't Chris Lilley, it was the Chaser Boys or Margaret and David and The Gruen Transfer/Planet, and always, steady as a rock, Spicks and Specks: my university blues tonic that got me through the week till Saturday night and Doctor Who. It's the end of an era. I've been watching this show since I was about 16. Maybe even earlier.

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So apparently I suck at quitting jobs. I went and spoke to my store manager about me going overseas, thinking I was fired and he was all "WHAAA NO... YOU'RE COMING STRAIGHT BACK ON THIS ROSTER THE SECOND YOU IS BACK IN THE COUNTRY. I WENT AND ASKED THE SERVICE MANAGERS AND THEY ALL SAID YOU WERE RELIABLE. I DON'T WANT TO WASTE TIME TRAINING A NEW PERSON..." etc Me:??? I was all prepared to get a new job and everything too...

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Sorry I haven't been on here very much but I went on a three day break with my two best friend's at the start of my week and then had to work six days straight, plus I did alot of catching up with friends.

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I was reading Steig Larsson's Millenium Trilogy and I have finally finished and want to sum up what I though quickly on here, as well as do a write up of the book Out of a Clear Sky by Sally Hinchcliffe.

Under cut link.

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I realize I haven't done any A2A write ups or my Law and Order one. I'll get onto those eventually I promise. Tomorrow I get all of my wisdom teeth out. Kill me now.
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So I was reading Mary Ann on flickfilosopher again, admiring her latest 'aggressively promoting the female gaze' post on Ben Barnes from The Chronicles of Narnia and I went back and read the intitial rationale behind these posts found here:


I had just been thinking about what I found sexy in a person, largely brought about by Fidget on the Spooks forum :P and how what I find sexy does not meet the stereotypical 'male gaze' pushed agenda of the film medium, and decided to post happy pics of actors I find sexy who don't fit the conventional sexy/hot/beauty myth prototype :P

Pics under cut:

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Oct. 9th, 2010 04:51 am
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It's been ages since I've looked up anything to do with my idol Helena Bonham Carter but gosh I just have to share this picture with you.

I imitate Alex Drake but maybe I should channel Helena more. I love this outfit from the BAFTA's! She looks beautiful and I love her qurky additions to the dress.

I hate the way the UK press ridicule her dress sense. I think she always looks lovely. Eccentricity does not equal ugly. I wish the fashion world would realise this.

Anyway, I love this outfit forever and ever and I must wear mini top hats more often. Long may Tim and Helena reign!!!

ps: I love that Julie Walters mentioned HBC in her acceptance speech. Also, have I ever mentioned that I love Julie Walters?


pps: Speaking of Alex Drake all I want for Christmas is Alex's entire wardrobe!

Like this top which is like the most beautiful top in the universe ever:

and this entire outfit but especially the retro tshirt and the red boots.

Also, it should be illegal for someone to be that hot and that skinny. If only I had legs like Keeley's sigh.

Maybe if I write another fan letter to Keeley she'll send me her outfits ;) Cough. But really.


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